Electric Motor Mowers

Today while I was waiting for news on my dogs surgery, I destroyed my motor mower.

Not totally destroyed, but I pulled it apart and it just doesnt go back together, so I am going to get a new one tomorrow; which will be a definite need for a trip to Bunnings.

So I am looking at a Cordless Electric Model, and wonder if any Blitzers have advice or/and recommendations ?

all of the ryobi stuff is great for around the house


Mate ,drive up to ballarat tomorrow.
Ive got afew spares around the property
Ive got one you can have free of charge cobber.
Pm me if you like.


Thanks for the kind offer.

Mrs Fox has arranged for one of my children to get me a new electric mower. Not sure what method of torture she used, but it is effective.

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They’d want to have improved since I bought an electric jobbie about 10-15 years ago. OK during summer and winter but couldn’t handle any sort of lushness in the lawns in spring or autumn.

No probs comrade.
See you at the next revolution!


Well, I am already stocking up on supplies and looking for a base in the High Country for the freedom fighters to mass. Catching those wild horses is an issue though.

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check out the Victa 82V range, fantastic, i have a lot of lawn so i bought the 21 inch cut with 2 batteries. i have not used a petrol mower since. , virtually maintenance free (only a couple of bolts to change the blades) push button start, no service stations, even has a nice feature of automatically increasing the power if the grass is thick. Best garden tool i have every bought. I have had it a couple of years now so there may be other brands with similar performance now


I’ve got a shitton of the Ryobi stuff.

The 18V really can’t hack it for the hedge trimmer, apparently the 36V one is the go for that and the mower.

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Ego is the best brand
Bunnings don’t sell them though

Never been a fan of them, I still use the 4-stroke lawn mowers. My dad has had 2 in about 45 years, great models. I’ve had my current one for 7 years and been very good.

I have the Ego hedge trimmer.
Its an absolute ripper!

I got one of the smaller Victas. The light blue ones. Already had to replace it once due to a battery that wouldn’t charge.

It works alright, but it would be nice to have a discharge chute on it. I don’t like to use the bag.

A neighbour has the Victa, she doesnt like it because as soon as it hits high grass it struggles. She needs to keep her lawn higher than she would like.
Another neighbour has a new mower and already has had to change the battery because it was faulty.

Cordless mowers are too fragile and I dont trust the manufactures as what if they change the battery specs?? You’d need another mower.

I have had the victa 82v 21 inch cut for a number of years now. i have a very big block and i also mow some friends lawn. It has not missed a beat. Original batteries. Has a nice feature of automatically increasing power if it hits high grass The only maintenance would be to eventually change blades and batteries. not close to it yet. I also have the whipper sniper, blower and chain saw. No issue with any of them. I will never by anything petrol again

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Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend the one I got for anything larger than a very small space, which is what I have.

Interesting, thanks for the info. Must be worth the extra money for that beast by the sounds of your post.
Much to consider!

The 36v Ryobi cuts through high grass like a hot knife through butter. Would highly recommend.

Generator?? :smirk:

My Petrol mower is a Darren, and I pay him $30 to cut my nature strip. Dunno why but he is very nervous… must be a blockage or something…