Elimination Final - Pictorial of a Journeyman Footballer!

It was a wonderful calm, sunny day for footy at North Port Oval with the calm about to be shattered by the warm up routine of our latest weapon, DJR, our journeyman returning to the field of battle!! :o :smiley:

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DJR flies for the mark with great authority.
DJR misses the mark by the length of the goal square!!
DJR trudges toward the dressing shed.
DJR curses God for his poor eyesight (maybe umpiring is your next step?)!!! :’(

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Col Hooper: “Did you see that lack of skill and technique by DJR in the warm up?”
Harvs: “I feel sooo sick at the sight of it. Somebody needs to tell him to stick to texting!!!”


Boomerang just out of shot in that last photo.

Harvey eating an imaginary ice cream?

Harvey eating an imaginary ice cream?

No, he just had a bad taste in his mouth. :slight_smile:

There’s a reason I retired from forum footy, and it wasn’t just that I was older than Fletcher.

Blitz cycling jersey looking good

Harvs forgot he already had a pair of sunnies on his head?

I know where Betts gets his baggy shorts from now.

As for Harvey