Elimination Final vs Footscray - Sunday 3 September 2017 @ North Port Oval - 83 unpaid tackles

For the first time, pre-sale tickets will be available for all lead-up finals matches, to help fans avoid any possible queues on game-day. All lead-up finals will be at 2016 prices, with adults $15, concession/pensioners $10 and kids under 15 free and will be on-sale 10am each Monday at vfl.com.au/presale

Game will be televised.


Yes, said webpage doesn’t exist. Hopefully they find it before 10am tomorrow.

Be very interesting who they allow to play VFL, and who they decide to rest.

Six day break is less of an issue than a week off, no one gets rested simply because of that.

What’s our record against the dogs this year? We won only a few weeks ago?

Tickets on sale NOW.

Footscray fans will be focusing on this, let’s lock them out.


what are the chances of rocking up on the day and getting a ticket, slim?

No idea, this has never been done before!

But we know that Essendon/Footscray can fill the joint, and that was when we were Saga-ed out and they had no idea what a premiership was like.


To answer most of the questions that will inevitably be posed this week:

Is there parking?
Yes there is plenty of street parking near the ground.

Can I take public transport?
Catch tram 109 from Collins/Spencer. Then it’s a short walk to the ground.

Can I rock up late?
If you show up <15min before the bounce, you won’t get in by 2:40 (or at all potentially). Actually, you might if you’ve booked online. Nobody knows.

What if I ignore that advice, show up late and there’s a long queue to get in?
Walk around the corner to the Ingles St entrance - it’s usually less busy.

Why would I freeze outside when I could watch it on TV?
Sure you could stay home and watch on TV, but you’ll have to listen to Campbell Brown.

Who gives a sh*t about logistics? Talk HOT CHIPS to me.
The Borough burger is severely overrated imo, however the chips are good.

Will we win?
Well we beat them last week…


I will have to TV it I’m afraid.

My presence has been demanded in Moama by the offspring for a major event gift.

In case others haven’t realised yet, …

Sunday, 3 September
Father’s Day 2017 in Australia


Motherfarker!!! No I did not realise it.

TV for me too. Going to Melbourne, doing lunch with (mum &) dad for Fathers Day.

Haven’t watched the footy with my dad this season, have missed it, so looking forward to it.

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Hoping to be there for the game

Who tf wants to go to Port Melbourne?
Buggrit. I’m working anyway.

Is Laverde eligible for this game?

Not by the normal rules. However, if we want to drop him I assume we’ll apply for an exemption.


Official list of those eligible for final #1 (before exemptions?) is at:

Sadly, Million Dollar Baby is out. Probably a few more senior players too, given they’re not playing AFL finals — I leave that as an exercise for you, dear reader.


B: 59. A Heppell , 28. M Brown, 10. A Francis
HB: 14. J Ridley, 49. M Dea, 27. M Redman
C: 5. B Stanton, 24. C Bird, 57. N Hind
HF: 30. Langford, 51. A Boyse, 39. H Hocking
F: 77. N Holmes, 44. McKernan, 63. M Darby

R: 22. Leuenberger, 40. B Howlett, 54. N O’Brien

I: 64. C Lill, 37. D Clarke, 62. M Luxford, 70. A Carr, 55. D Younan, 25. A Morgan, 19. K Mutch, 38. S Draper

23P: 56. J Peters

In: S. McKernan, A. Boyse, C. Lill, A. Carr, H. Hocking, M. Leuenberger
Out: J. Ottavi, J. Ferry


To be televised on channel 7 from 2:30pm.


Every eligible AFL-listed player is in the team.