England: July 4th UK Independence Day

If they want to perpetuate the ailing English Empire, they are free to emigrate to England, but, if they’d rather see themselves as Ulstermen born and bred, they would be most welcome to join with the rest of Ulster and the other three Irish provinces, to play their rightful part in the affairs of the whole island of Ireland, and indeed of the whole European Union.

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Yes, of course it is something for them to answer. Of course we’ll “know the answer down here” as quickly as they know it in Ireland - if the English ever allow a vote on the matter. Northern Ireland voted, like Scotland, to remain in the EU. They were forced out, despite this, by the majority of English who swallowed the lies promulgated by the Brexiteers.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have been forced to remain within the English Empire, known laughably as the “United Kingdom.” Brexit instead of being decided on a country by country basis was decided on the overall majority of the whole population of the UK. Thus, England, having the largest population, decided for the Scots and Northern Irish, both of whom voted against Brexit. This was English Imperialism at its worst.

The present population of Northern Ireland is strongly Europe-oriented. In addition, Irish Republicans have a majority, small but real, which is growing bigger with each passing year. The hard-line Unionists of the DUP and UUP are getting more and more desperate : they no longer have a majority, and they know it - and their influence is diminishing constantly. They’re in trouble - and serve them right, for they wrought for it.


While there has been significant land reform in Ireland, the English aristocracy still has large holdings ( going back to when Catholic owned land was confiscated). It’s not as bad as in Scotland. It’s a comfortable life for the Anglo Irish. I think Mountbatten was assassinated at one of his Irish Estates near Sligo.

You’re right Big Al. It was at Mullaghmore. Lovely village and harbour but forever associated with that IRA bomb that did him and a few innocents who happened to be on board that day. Think this was his “castle”.

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They wanted a US style system and by golly, they got it!

It’s just where you draw the line isn’t it? Brave Brits fighting for independence from Brussels? Brave Celts fighting for freedom from London? Brave Protestants fighting for freedom from Dublin? Every layer of the onion has its grievances- if you cut it anywhere there will be tears. Maybe the focus should be independence for the most oppressed, but the harder part is improving the lot of all.

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Does the thread title remind anyone else of this song?

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Well no.

Ireland was invaded by the British and they’re still trying to kick them out.

The UK voted to join the EU, then voted to leave. Nothing brave about it.

What was duplicitous was the Torries telling the Scots in their referendum that the UK would remain in the EU and then not allowing Scotland any choice when they broke that promise.


Like I say, liberate the most oppressed if you have to choose. I doubt a politician’s broken promise (which Cameron tried to keep but failed) can really compare to an invasion, even if it occurred around the 1500s. And again an invader would be far less hated if they could improve their subjects’ lot in a fair manner.

What with all the Catholic Church scandals in the Irish Republic, it has become much more secular and socially liberal. It also doesn’t need the Catholic Church to champion its freedom from the English yoke. It has its own identity as an EU Member State, no longer a quasi colony of the UK.
Also , in Northern Ireland, the last election showed that the religious divide had ceased to be relevant in voting, particularly in the younger generations. Who would have imagined around the time of the Good Friday Agreement that Sinn Fein would win the last election.
And it’s an incentive to Northern Irelanders to access their right to Irish citizenship and with an Irish passport more valuable than a UK one - right of establishment, free movement of people, residence and employment - in the EU Single market,

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Love this album …
But he’s gone a bit troppo in recent times old Morrissey, sort of like this country under overdone Tory rule. He’s had a bit of a lurch to the right but hates the monarchy. Had a few gig incidents too.

I reckon he’d get on with Boris … for about 5 mins until he’d tell him to FO. Irish in his blood. Fire in his belly.

Sometimes this country feels barely governable.
But its not boring.

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Many years ago when I was living in London and about to go on holiday in Ireland, an Irish friend asked if I could take a present for her mother in the far west, north of Sligo . Somehow we found her isolated home in the middle of nowhere, after asking directions to be told we were on the wrong road ( but not informed as to the right road).
We were met by some wild Irish kids who spoke a language that the strangers did not know. Eventually, the mother appeared, she conversed in perfect English , explained she learnt it under English rule, the only language at school. Her husband was away, she explained he gillied for the gentlemen in the summer. Other times the family welcomed remittances from her daughter working in England. She gave us some dried fish to take back as a present for her daughter.

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Toys out the pram. He’s ■■■■■■■ off finally and thank Christ for that. Mind you he’s making a fortune on the ex PM speaker circuit already.

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Him and Scomo can tour together.


Meanwhile the pin up girl for Scottish Nationalism Nicola Sturgeon has been arrested in connection with party finance irregularities.

It doesn’t look good, but well, if its good for Donny in the USA, why not in Scotland?

Normal self-entitled Conservative values.

No-one does chaos quite like Boris. A complete one man circus breaking rules, laws and hearts wherever he goes.