English Premier League 2018/19


If guys like young, pogba ,lukkaku and matic never play for us I will be a happy man


Not sure about the second part of the post but first part is spot on - Spurs and Arsenal really struggling in PL right now!!


Spurs are a chance against Ajax as I can see it being a low scoring affair and one away goal might be the difference. Arsenal have a tough toe against Valencia but if the can jump them at the Emirates they might hold on over the two legs


If you took your blinkers off you may notice that the standard of the EPL has actually improved this year - hence the awesome results in Europe.

The battle for the top 4 has been more competitive than any recent seasons, while the middle rung teams in Wolves, Watford, Leicester and Everton have been much more competitive against the top 6 than last season. Don’t let the recent form overshadow the entire season.


Hard to gauge. This current lot is close to the worst United squad in the last 20 years and yet are still going to finish top 6. Some of Fergie’s teams would kick these scrubbers off the park


I agree what a joke. The issue is that the players for the award and its done well before the end of the season. My understanding is the voting was done aroudn the time Pogba was actually playing decent football for one month.

Conversely Salah misses the team because the voting period was when he went through a down patch and because he wasn’t able to live up to last season’s amazing form. Yet despite all this he still leads the Golden Boot at this stage.


I hope so.
Sissoko had been good until injured.


Neither are we but we still made the quarter final of the UCL.


Maybe it’s more a case that the usual UCL front runners (Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus) have regressed rather than EPL teams have improved.


I don’ think anyone can argue that Liverpool haven’t improved. City have maintained their usual lofty standards, it’s the next rung down that have either stagnated or regressed, and instead of one team out on their own head and shoulders above the rest, it’s 2. I don’t watch enough LaLiga/Serie A to comment on whether to 2 big Spanish clubs and Juve have gone backwards. It would appear perhaps RM have given their struggles this season.


We just arrived in Barcelona and a friend picked us up and announced we had tickets to the Barcelona vs Liverpool match tomorrow.

Should be mega


Moura should of scored at least 1 so far. Sours looking good


Spurs should be down to 10. Eric Dier on a booking brings down King from behind, ref bottles it, doesn’t even blow a free kick for Bournemouth.


Red card (Son). Idiot. Brain snap.


Don’t understand why when we’re dominating would he need to do that.


And on the cusp of HT.


Geez. Chances galore, now down to 10, probably should be 9.


Now it’s 9


Incredible how your mob are bottling this.


Still attacking though.