English Premier League 2018/19


Well this is garbage, picked a bad game to attend. Dominate the first half for no reward and then cough up 2 goals in 2 minutes to start the second. The crowd is very restless and a few scuffles have broken out already. All hell could break loose if the game continues in this manner


Well that was fun.



Beautiful stuff.



Mourinho Season 3 really is following the script to a tee.

Just needs a scapegoat now. Club doctor has been done. Maybe a ball boy?


57% possession
23 shots to 5
21 crosses to 4

As Grant Thomas would say, they met all their KPIs.

0 goals to 3



Just got home from the game and stats don’t tell the full story. We dominated play in the first half but reckon we had 1-2 legitimate chances at best. Spurs far more clinical and far too good. There will be drastic change, the club and fans won’t put up with this garbage for much longer


Should of had it won by half time. Then spurs took their chances and dominated the 2nd half. Going to be a long long season


Mourinho is a dead man walking.

Man United are in a very similar position to where EFC have been for 15 years. Complete loss of Identity. The longer the manager’s reign, the harder it is to replace them. The harder it is to define the identity of a club, when it’s been built around a key figure.

IMO they need to go and get Garry Neville or Ryan Giggs, and just build the culture and squad again from the beginning.


Glazers don’t give a ■■■■. Woodward don’t give a ■■■■. What happens when seppos and an accountant run the club. We should have appointed a director of football when Fergie retired.


oh please no, just no

The Glazers are just worried about the bottom line, not on field success. Woodward should be in charge of the commercial side not the footballing side. The fact that he only wanted to buy players who had “re sell” value speaks volumes about how he see’s things.

I feel bad for Jose, as he is legit trying his best and you can tell he really likes the club.

The club is a shambles. They re-signed him for another 2 years in January, then didn’t back him in the transfer window.


Jose is doing a great Moyes impersonation. It appears the club is starting to splinter along the lines of those who are with or against Jose.

It’s amazing this 3rd year thing he has going. Does he just get bored and then plays a game to see how he can get out of a contract. As soon as he signed an extension earlier this year he just started carrying on and acting extremely negatively.

I’m enjoying the popcorn!


You know who can get them out of this mess? Bring in Big Sam!!!


I’d do it don’t @me


The score line was perfectly reflective of where we are as a team.

Spurs deserved every goal and should have had another due to that plonker, Jones knocking over Moura in the box in the first half which should have been a penalty.

Jose will be gone before too long. He simply isn’t going to be able to turn this around and that is just a cold hard fact.

Jones, Smalling, Darmian, Young, Fellaini etc there is just so much deadwood left still and they are not being sold either due to the Glazers not wanting to take a loss on them or because Woodward is inept.

A director of football would be a great idea at this stage so that the club can dictate the style of play and personnel that it wants to bring in and build around and not the manager/CEO.

Like others have said, we have zero identity on-field right now and the fans HATE how the team plays.

For all the years of Moyes/Van Gaal and the depths that the club got to in that time, it is starting to feel like we are right back in that place again.

Serious change needs to happen and it needs to happen fast.





Complete amateur.

They need a real wheeler dealer. Bring in 'Arry.


End of the day, the ■■■■■ knew what they were getting by appointing Mourinho. Look at his CV. He never spends more than 3-4 years in the one job. They either just wanted some short-term success, in which case he needs to be spending because he’s not a manager but a buyer of players. Or if they wanted to take a long-term view and have someone for the long haul they got the wrong guy. There’s no future to what he builds. Academy players don’t get a look-in. His teams play ■■■■ football so it’s not particularly good to watch. He suppresses talent. He looks a defeated, broken, pathetic man right now. His press conference post the Spurs game was laughable. I can’t see him surviving too much past Christmas at this rate.


Isn’t 'Arry restricted to an area within 5km of the East End? Me old china.


Fair shout for Spurs penalty at 29 minutes for a push by Jones on Moura.


Why would he tarnish his 100% win rate with england managing united?

wait that ain’t big sam.