English Premier League 2018/19


Of all the City knobs it just had to be him


The goal really deflated Leicester and they appear happy just to let City knock it around for the last 10 minutes


Another 1-0 to the ■■■■■■■ oil barons. ■■■■■■ deflating.


That’s the first time kompany has it the target from outside the box since 2013. Has had 37 shots without hitting the target


Fair fkg hit


Deliberately didn’t watch this morning, no point in losing sleep, biting fingernails and increasing the percentage of grey hairs I have for a game that doesn’t involve Liverpool (but admittedly does affect us). Glenn Murray hat-trick and Mat Ryan turning into peak Buffon would be nice!!


When I try your tactic, I often cannot sleep. If it works for you then fair play, lucky bugger.


With that Wolves secure 7th- amazing.

If Man City win the FA cup we reach qualifying for Europa - sweet :+1:


Can’t remember if this has been posted yet…

Average wage bills Premier League 2018/19
Rank Team Average annual wage per player
1 Manchester United £6,534,654
2 Manchester City £5,993,000
3 Chelsea £5,020,004
4 Liverpool £4,862,963
5 Arsenal £4,853,130
6 Tottenham Hotspur £3,515,778
7 Everton £3,242,690
8 West Ham £3,189,333
9 Crystal Palace £2,757,000
10 Leicester City £2,710,710
11 Southampton £2,669,333
12 Bournemouth £1,989,520
13 Watford £1,775,172
14 Wolverhampton Wanderers £1,757,600
15 Fulham £1,727,440
16 Brighton & Hove Albion £1,695,040
17 Newcastle United £1,650,133
18 Burnley £1,603,197
19 Huddersfield Town £1,238,000
20 Cardiff City £957,471

Source: Sporting Intelligence Global Sports Salaries Survey 2018


Who honestly cares how much clubs spend?
All it shows that some clubs are wasteful with money whilst other clubs spend it more wisely and scout better


Fark off Wolves


Apparently not :joy: hope you’re ok.


Means you can rollover come the weekend.


Company’s goal was amazing. In context, looks like the title winner.

Unless you’re seriously biased, you’ve got to feel for Liverpool. One loss all season (to the champions elect) and enough points to win virtually any season. And they’ll be trophy-less at the end.


Hard to feel sorry for them when they had their chances. Title winning sides shouldn’t be held to a draw by mid table scrubbers like United :grinning:


Kompany’s goal was a belter. I watched the Manchester City amazon doco and it’s pretty good. They follow Kompany around and he’s a top bloke.


True but as pointed out Liverpool already has the 3rd highest ever Premier League points tally of all time with a game to play. It’s just crazy how good City are in the league.


Rumours going around that Pogba doesn’t want to play in the Europa League. Trying to force a move to Real Madrid.

Sounds very petulant given if he turned up all season he probably would be playing Champions League.


The biggest issue for Man Utd is the contract Sanchez signed. He’s on about £400K a week. DeGea wants at least that to stay, Pogba also asking for that even though he’s already lazy, overpaid and overrated. Rashford wants £200K a week. DDG only has one year left on his deal so unless he signs a new contract they will want to sell to mitigate the risk of him leaving on a free in 12 months time.


Pogba is well and truly gone and Sanchez will be shipped off to whoever will take him.