English Premier League 2018/19


But you’ll probably still have to pay half his wages.


At least


so pretty much sounds exactly like pogba then


Small change for United.
If someone doesn’t want to be there pay them out and send them packing. I couldn’t care less if the whole squad was shipped out in the offseason if they don’t want to be at the club


Gary nev had a go at woodward.

guys a bigger charlatan than skipworth


Wasn’t he your avatar once?


if we’re pointing out avatars go back to your R loser.


Make me


Hoping to be in London for the next season or two. Praying Arsenal can somehow scrape through to the Champions League via Europa.


Maybe not trophy-less after all…


Amazing. Made even better by the barca fans crying after LOL.


Chelsea lost their appeal and will now be banned from the next 2 transfer windows. If Hazard leaves I think they will really struggle in both the EPL and CL


Chelsea have like 100 players on their books on loan don’t they?

Also Spurs have just made a CL final without having spent a cent in two transfer windows.

Don’t think it will matter as much as people think.


All it’s there for is an additional revenue stream. Produce players, sell them onto other clubs. They have a number of them on loan at Vitesse Arnhem in Holland. They might actually have to call some of them up.


Spurs have a decent core group. Chelsea lose Hazard plus one or two others and they are in strife. Most of their loanees are average




Pretty much


Herera gone.




Always liked him. Gave his all for the club. But was limited as a player

Hope he does well wherever he goes