English Premier League 2018/19


Villa 2 v West Brom 1 after the first leg. Red card for Gayle.


Go Villans!


Leeds up 1-0 after the first leg.


@Socks_and_Sandals was going apesheet when the Villans scored those two goals in 4 mins late in the game last night. Happy for him. Had another mate text me when Leeds scored their goal. Am kinda torn, but fck it - hope Villa are promoted. Looks like being Villa vs Leeds for that final spot.

Anyway, started on the pregame drinks at 6:30 p.m. Trust I haven’t gone too early. Think I will have the Reds game on the big screen and City vs Brighton on the iPad or phone. Not really expecting much from Brighton, but I have to retain some hope. Wolves will be no push over either, so I hope our boys are switched on. @redbull & @smooth - are you gents set?


At the Imperial Hotel for the last game of the season; dont expect City to drop points but you never know. Took tomorrow off and so thought I may as well go out and watch the game. Go Reds and go Brighton!


I am ready to go mate. Had planned on heading out to watch it - but unfortunately one of my daughters has spent the weekend in hospital so its the couch for me. Most likely just the one screen but i could get the second one up.

Watching City play Burnley the other week was the most nervous I have even been watching a sporting event not involving my team. Therefore I am thinking I just enjoy the Reds doing our thing at home for the last time in what has been an amazing season. Happy to see Mo is back.


Be awesome if we win and Matt Ryan is the hero against City!


Dude, I trust the little one is OK?

Yeah, I am at home tonight. Thumping 15-hour day at work tomoz, so had to stay home and drink myself into jollity or oblivion. I’m proud of the lads regardless. Has been an incredible season.

Go Brighton (and us).


Thanks mate. She should be ok - it’s asthma related. I spent last night with her and my wife is with her tonight, while I’m at home with the our other daughter.

Certainly puts some perspective into life - its not all about goals and shaking goal posts!


Wonder if any of the United fans will be popping their heads in here tonight. Must be horrible wanting your cross city rival to win the title so your arch enemies miss out!


If we don’t win, I personally blame @Aceman for saying Liverpool would win the title! Put an absolute jinx on Liverpool.




I friggen nervous as ■■■■!


Nah mate - Melbourne. Seems to be an Imperial in every capital city around the world. :joy:


Was just gunna say. In town for the biggest evening of the EPL season and no love my way. Ha.


It is what I imagine watching a Carlton v Port GF would be like.
One one hand I’d rather Liverpool win but on the other I’m quite happy that United has the title of the most successful.
Anyway trying to find a bar in Jakarta showing it


Same, it’s like Richmond vs Collingwood. You hate both teams so the only solace you can take is that fact that one will lose


In the commercial era. :crazy_face:


Just killing time before kick off - so I went back to the start of this thread. There are some classic comments. My favourite is that Allison Becker wasn’t going to help Liverpool’s defence given our horrible Centre Backs - well played @Black_Kavanagh - that Van Dijk player goes alright as the PFA player of the year.

Also I think @Smooth gets the award for the most accurate predictions. Has the top 4 in order going into the last game, with 5th and 6th only swapping in position. 2 out of 3 of the relegated sides as well. Mark Hughes was the 2nd manager sacked after Fulham won this title by getting rid of Slaviša Jokanović first.


Honestly I am hoping Liverpool win it. Mainly because Essendon sucks and I hope some of you guys get to watch at least one of your sports teams be successful

At least with Liverpool Klopp has built a team. City have just chucked millions upon millions worth of players in the team.

But more importantly than all that.I hope your little one is feeling a bit better, that absolutely sucks mate