English Premier League 2018/19


What the Fark


Love the roar at Anfield!!!


City got one back instantly.


Greatest post of the year. Deserves more likes. :rofl:


But all for nought 81 seconds later.


Worst post of the year. :blush:


Electric. Tell @Aceman - he reckons we have a ‘quiet’ stadium. Lol.


Again you have misinterpreted. I said there are games where you are quiet not that you are quiet every game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Needling you, mate. :wink:


City another.



Brighton look horrible. City could bang in 4 or 5 if they don’t switch on


Brighton may have nabbed one but look completely overwhelmed by City’s relentless attacking. Unless something changes quickly, City are gonna put more away.


Fark City


So close. Sweet strike!


Wolves almost then.


Brighton with a free kick on target on the half but Ederson dealt with it.


We have settled a little and are creating a few more opportunities. If we can start well an equaliser could come. If the reds score, however it could be floodgates open… such quality!


I’m just happy that they (Brighton) are having a crack. City will need to win this year’s PL. No relying on a Red’s slip to take the league. :wink:


HAHAHA last season I predicted De Boer as first manager sacked, which was right. The relegation one was pretty easy, although with the financial outlay I didn’t expect Fulham to go down.

Had a Nanna Nap and woke up just before kick-off. Job done (so far) by us but Wolves gave us a warning of what might happen if we go to sleep at the back. Trent and Robbo have to make sure their wing-back don’t get in behind us…