English Premier League 2018/19


Is Pogba heading to Barcelona?


and long may it continue, for both club and manager


You’d never see this at the Olympic Stadium.


Nah, Silva lifted his leg into the defender, who had every right to be there. If the defender doesn’t initiate contact, its not a free.


That he actually has some sense? A player having re-sell value also means something else - they’re young enough to get a lot of years out of them. Do you see Pep bringing in old players?

Jose’s problem is his own tactics, and that players he brought in like Bailly haven’t been good enough. He’s had plenty of money to spend. He wants older players, ready made who cost a lot and don’t have high re-sell value. He keeps Fallaini. He brought in Alexis Sanchez over the youngsters. If he’d made different choices in the transfer market, he’d be fine. You can’t spend that much and then complain.

All that said, the squad is still strong. But he doesn’t play a game that suits their strengths.


Liverpools next 8 games in all competitions Leicester (A) Spurs (A) PSG (H) Southampton (H) Chelsea (H) Chelsea (A) Napoli (A) Man City (H). Makes for some interesting viewing the next 6 weeks and how we handle it will go a long way in showing we can match City this season.


We beg to differ and that’s ok.
Was a week ago so can’t remember who was commentating but those guys were of the opinion it was definitely a pen also.
I thought it was a definite.
Could well be wrong though.


Doubt it mate - you guys are the third best team in the comp.

Only joshing but I tell you if we get over our trip to Watford with a win then after a weeks break our game at Wembley is mouth watering.
Would never of thought a trip to Watford would be more daunting than heading to Old Trafford.


Ref watch also said it wasn’t.


Very true - they also allowed a goal to stand that was handball.


8 wins in 6 weeks will get the momentum going nicely


Carn the Reds. The Foxes have been in decent form of late, so we need to be switched on from the kick-off. Will be interesting to see how they line-up, with Klopp hinting at changes. Milner and Gini have been in excellent form, so I hope they start again in the midfield.


Hendo starting ahead of Keita. Happy they stuck with Milner and Gini.

Edit: Any Reds fans watching tonight’s game live? I am in the chair.


How do you watch the games, Mr Rain?


Funny you should ask that, Jez-san.

I have relied on Sky Perfect & dodgy Indian links in the past, however, I have recently signed up (first month free) with this mob, DAZN Japan. I’m still on my first month free trial and will definitely continue with them shortly. 1,890 yen per month for multiple sports (EPL, Champions League, NFL, UFC, J-League, MLB, etc) - all live games and on replay. Plus no contracts (cancel anytime). Bargain. Decent quality as well. Watching on my iMac and phone at the moment, but will Chromecast to my TV soon.

Edit: Nihongo only (not that it is an issue for you and I). :wink:


Cool, I’ll look into that. I’m still using private torrent, but it’s a pain. Cheers!


I just stumbled across it a week or so ago for the exact same reason - sick of the crap torrent. A minute to sign up. Check it out, dude.


Salah…just missed…




Wonderful cross from Andy.