English Premier League 2018/19





Reds 2-0 (45 mins in).


Here we go


Time to clonk Alisson re: his laconic play.


Leicester have more in them


Job done. 4 from 4. Top of the League!


2-1 Reds. Phew!!! Bank those 3, but the Foxes fought hard and Alisson needs to realise that arrogance can be costly at times.


Gomez MOTM at the back. Lovren will find it hard to win his place back off him. If Him and Matip are 3rd/4th choice CB then that’s a very good sign.


Yep. Well settled defensively. Alisson will learn from his mistake as well. I thought Firmino was MOTM & Milner put in another solid performance.


Wolves :heartbeat:


They are playing well. I watched that game after the Reds one. Was looking very much like a draw, but they pinched it at the end.


You guys should purchase a UBox. As long as yo have good Wi Fi then sit back and enjoy 700 channels.


United 2-0 up at halftime thanks to Lukaku.

Played really well so far and could be even further in front.

Mourinho looking relieved on the touch line after the second goal.

Hopefully they keep it up in the second half.


John Moss is one of the more clueless refs in world football.


First huge upset for the season with Watford coming from behind at home to knock over Spurs 2-1. This leaves the 3 teams with perfect records heading into the international break as Watford, Liverpool and Chelsea.


Very dissapointing but full credit to Watford and how they’ve started the season.


Good to get the 3 point

Ref was an absolute joke. Bardsley is a flog


ead graeme souness.


I cannot watch it.


Lol it’s been dmca