English Premier League 2018/19


Go Wolves


Fair set up by Pogba


Pog with an assist for the ages there.


Welcome back, Matip. Lovely header from the AA corner. Reds 2-0.


WTF was the saints giant CB doing?

Reacts to Matip once the header is in the net


Ha. Yep. He is a big unit. Watching him stand next to Salah is almost comical. David & the Goliath.


Amazing touch


Almost magic then from Salah.


How the hell did he keep that out


That was a great strike and what a save!!


Wolves are playing very well.


not Mo’s finest, but a ripper none then less


Secs left in the 1st half. Free kick to Shaqiri from distance hits the woodwork and Salah slams it home. 3-0 Reds at HT. In a dominating mood.


Phenomenal save from Patricio there.

Fred easily the best player on the park in the first half.

Wolves have looked the more threatening when in possession but they just can’t find that final ball or touch. We need to be wary of this in the second half and really sharpen up.

De Gea has kept out two goals through just class saves that only he can make.


Burnley turning things around 2-0 up


Just switched it over to the Bluebirds vs City game. Heavy rain and a Bluebirds player being stretchered off.

Back to the Reds game & dayum - VVD coming off.


You beauty!!!


Just sensational!!!


Comical defending from United as per usual concedes an inevitable goal.

Valencia and Smalling are just such epic potatoes in defence it isn’t funny.


This is a great game.