English Premier League 2018/19


Pogba is sublime.


FFS you spud Fellaini


Need to bring Traore on now


And here he comes…


That is awesome, simply awesome. Great performance by wolves. We belong and if we continue in this vein it will be an exciting year.


Absolute walk in the park for the Reds. Basically sat in neutral the 2nd half, passed it about a bit. Could’ve scored a few more times if we felt like it but job was done in the first 45. Another clean sheet, 6 from 6. Love it!


I love how after 2 full seasons of Mourinho being in charge we still cannot create ANY chances whatsoever offensively and have effectively “Space Jammed” the only player that can (Sanchez) due to the horrendous game plan and loyalty to bog average players who should be floating around the Championship somewhere.

But the best bit is that as soon as we aren’t allowed to play the way we want to, he falls back into the “lob balls at the microphone spastic” and prey for the best philosophy that any 5 year old little leaguer could come up with.

Biggest football brand in the world and this is the football performances that we produce at home against a newly promoted team.


You have Jose Mourinho as manager, what do you expect, attractive football?


I tipped Wolves for top 6 so the result is no surprise.
What is it with my sides and their stubbornness?
Essendon hasn’t addressed the midfield issues for years and United refuses to address their defensive flaws which have been going on for years.


Wolves have had 78 shots at goal, 4th highest in the league behind City, Chelsea and the Reds


Hopefully, VVD is OK. Ribs? Otherwise, a clinical performance.


Just copped an elbow to the ribs. Precautionary sub. He’s probably going to sit out the League Cup fixture anyway so no drama there. But how good was it that we could just bring Gomez on and he basically produced a Van Dijk performance? His progress at CB has been amazing!


I just can’t see us making top 4 at all with our tendency for dropping points so early in the season.

Appalling start to the prem for us.


We are done in the league. A good cup run is the best we can hope for now


A good FA Cup run or champions league run (although I can’t see us getting out of the group) given the performance this morning in the league cup.


Harry Wilson!


Another poor result. Will have a new manager by Christmas as this season is shot


Pogba has been stripped of the captaincy by Mourinho apparently and will not get it back and this has resulted in him telling the club he wants to leave.

He needs to go or there won’t be a club left for a new manager if this continues.


It’s almost too good to believe. Unable to get the job done against Wolves and now Derby County in the one week. All while the best player and the manager are at each other’s throats. It’s glorious!!


What’s better is that in the period that we have dropped the ball our main rivals have failed to capitalise and still can’t get the job done