English Premier League 2018/19


Cya Mourinho.


We are cooked

That’s what happens when you don’t strengthen properly over summer and have too many guys with egos who don’t put in consistently on the pitch

Fwiw I reckon Jose gave up on the season about a week into the pre season tour

I love Jose, I really do- but the players aren’t playing for him. I hope before he goes he benches pogba for the rest of the season


i’d ■■■■ them both off tbh.


The players want him gone.

It’s that farking obvious it isn’t funny.

None of them give a ■■■■.

The board needs to sack him immediately after this game otherwise we’ll be in a relegation battle.


mourinhos tenure here makes no sense.

He has a clear style and type of player he likes and we’ve only brought in matic and lukaku that fit that mould.

then we go and get sanches when we’re stacked for left wingers/ attackers.

woodward is a puppet for the glazers and we’re going the way of arsenal with american owners.


the game plan is st structure up defensively then hope for individual brilliance when going forward, theres no ■■■■■■■ forward structure.


If United get dicked and we ■■■■ Chelsea this is a very very good day


I honestly think Woodward makes most of the calls on transfers. So many of the players we have brought in are not the typical Jose players

The biggest warning sign is our shambles of a defence. The one thing Jose teams have always done is defend really well.

That is the most worrying sign


There is no structure whatsoever.

It is: plant every single player in the defensive half whilst including two of the worst players in the Prem in Young & Fellaini who should be running around in the Championship or League 1 and then sucking the life out of the game and not showing any attack or passion going forward.

The players just want him gone and are going to continue to play this way until he is gone because their performances are only getting worse.


In case like me, others were oblivious to this …


Manchester United unveil pink away shirt for 2018/19 season | Football News

2-3 minutes

New shirt pays tribute to local newspaper The Football Pink, which closed in 2007

Last Updated: 29/08/18 1:23pm

Manchester United will wear pink shirts for the first time this season after the club’s new away kit was unveiled.

United’s new kit pays tribute to Manchester’s rich newspaper heritage, with the new Adidas shirt inspired by the defunct publication, The Football Pink.

A favourite among United fans, The Football Pink was created by the Manchester Evening News and went out on Saturday afternoons until its closure in 2007.

Featuring a new reworked performance silhouette, the new kit design combines a colour firmly part of United’s rich football heritage with a contemporary pastel trend to create a shirt that is designed for ultimate wearability and style.

A small number of fans will be able to get their hands on the kit at special events in Manchester on August 28 and 29, before going on general sale on September 13.

Manchester United’s matchday programme confirms a new pink away shirt for this season

The matchday programme for Monday’s Premier League clash against Tottenham included a wrap-around with the headline of ‘The Pink is back!’

“Its legacy endures and this season The Pink rides again,” said the front page of United Review . “Not just in the hearts and minds of the fans, but on the backs of their heroes too.”


GTFO now Mourinho.


Phhhffft :roll_eyes:


“We’re watching a pale imitation of a Man U team, … in a pale imitation of a Man United kit …”



Jose is easily the worst manager you plastics have had since Louis.


Time to resurrect Sir Al out of retirement.

Fk this shitte


I just missed the start of the game and it was pretty clear to me early on that the players are not playing for the ‘speciallist in failure one’. I hope they extend his contract!




They already did, didn’t they?


Pogba subbed off, … instant Goal. :thinking:


Jeezuz this is poor.