English Premier League 2018/19


2 down after 10 minutes at home. Jose won’t see out the evening at this rate


?? 3 -2 up with 5 to go.

We couldn’t win one, … could we??


Hopefully Jose stays. This win should paper over the cracks. #MourinhoIn


There isn’t enough paper in the world.

What’s worse is Mourinho isn’t even the big problem


I watched the first half and then crashed for the night. If not for a couple of de Gea saves, your mob could easily have been 4-0 down at HT. The Toon had your blokes on the ropes. Surprised that you pinched it at the end. Like Smooth, I hope Jose stays - just for the theatre. I saw him lose his sheet on the sidelines when Pogba pushed a Toon player (rugby-style) out of the way and the ref called it. Funny stuff.




The problems still remain however.

Players like Young (single handedly conceded the first two goals), Smalling and Fellaini still being in the squad and getting consistent playing time says it all and often means that we are starting from behind in games before a ball has even been kicked.

The security blanket (more like a security napkin) of: bring Fellaini on and lob balls up to him when behind, is simply a disgrace that never works.

Regardless, Mourinho has to go or he has to change his philosophy for a far more offensive minded gameplay (won’t happen) and the board have to back him in by bringing in his targets.

But neither of these things will happen so we will stay in footballing purgatory for the foreseeable future as a result.


When you go 2 down against a team as awful as Newcastle, alarm bells should be ringing.

Sadly I think it’s time for Jose to go, he looks like he has given up the season and is almost going full scorched earth.

Sad thing is I don’t think he is the only one to blame. Woodward May be great at making money and getting sponsors but he knows nothing of football, should never be in charge of transfers and after Jose will have hired 3 failed managers




Won’t get a better team goal than that this year


Surprisingly a Liverpool-Man City games finishes scoreless! Maharez missed a late penalty and both teams took a share of the spoils at Anfield. We look a bit jaded so I’m actually happy for the International break.






Great goal - build up was a touch scrappy but heaps of tricks and then Ramsey finish! Loves a back heel goal.


Couldn’t be more excited for how Emery has got the gunners travelling at the moment.

He has addressed a few of the concerns that always plagued Wenger teams in the last ten years whilst still maintaining an enjoyable style of play.

We may still miss a top four berth but he has shown that we are building nicely and the players look to be really enjoying themselves.

His major priority is to sign Rambo back up and to get Ozil back into his best form.

Very positive signs.


It makes the people still wanting to cling onto the “safety blanket” that was Wenger all the more ridiculous. Anyone with half a clue could see that the game had passed him by, especially tactically. The players were in a comfort zone. A new man has come in and taken them out of that comfort zone. He needed a run like this to keep the wolves at bay and get fans onside. Arsenal don’t want for anything in an attacking sense. Defensively still need some tweaking but that will happen in time. I’ve been impressed that they started winning despite not playing that well, and now they are playing well.



The post Ferguson Man U spooked a few supporters I reckon but Wenger is a different beast all together.

His arrogance was hurting the club.


You can’t keep Wolves at bay, we are coming :grin:


Have to say, its so good watching us play at the big clubs and at big stadiums again around England. Every week is literally Christmas at the moment compared to every time we’ve played in the top league in my lifetime when we’ve battled to avoid relegation from week 1. The prospect of playing Arsenal is brilliant, can’t wait.

I’m not sure how people handle the daylight savings issue and later games. I can’t last till 3 and 4 in the morning.


Early to bed and then the middle of the night alarm was my trick. Although once we had kids it was a lot harder to get away with! Living in Singapore makes it’s slightly easier but in saying that I checked out at half time last night on Liverpool’s match - it was a 11.30pm start here.