English Premier League 2018/19


Living in Perth was easy, most games done by 02:00am and I don’t normally go to bed before midnight anyway. Over here in Sydney is a different matter, although at least daylight savings means the games start an hour earlier.


I think most supporters knew that Wenger was done, and many of us wanted him to call it quits. To be fair to him, it was only the last two years of his tenure that really saw us slump into irrelevance.

Emery is a new broom, with fresh ideas. You are right, Arsenal don’t lack anything in attack, and really haven’t for the last 25 years, but they are still a bit flaky defensively, and that was always the knock on Wenger managed sides as well. It will take time, but I hope Emery can complete the transformation at the back and gets us back to a position where we are challenging the oil money teams.




After 2 months in charge, you thought Brendan Rodgers knew what he was doing, too.


Thierry Henry officially Monaco manager.


real madrid 2 nil down at home after 13 minutes!


We are a bottom 4 team on form.

Lindloff and Smalling would have to be the worst centre back pairing in the league and Ashley Young is… Ashley Young.



I’ve not seen a dire half of football this year from a Premier League side and that says a lot being a United fan.

Utter laughing stock.

Game plan = sit back as far as possible and just wait to concede goals.

Not one player wants to be out on that pitch other than Ashley Young and that is simply because he can’t believe that he has actually fooled a Premier League club into thinking that he is football player.

The commentators summed it up perfectly.

“Chelsea in control. Manchester United… Insipid.”

Get rid of this idiot, please.


Horrible defending from that corner. Pogba ants in his pants?


And then we score a goal by accident.


Red Devils score. 1-1.


Bit more urgency in Man U’s play now. Chelsea laconic.



Take a bow.


Chelsea dropping points here presents a good chance for the Reds to move above them on the table (as long as they take care of business at Huddersfield).


That would have to be the worst goal I’ve seen conceded in the last few seconds of a game.

United should be embarrassed by that.



Chelsea score & equalise 95 mins in.


Ugh, it had to be that truck Barkley that scored the equaliser

Judging by that performance Jose hasn’t lost the players, havent see Them put in that much effort and intensity for a long time

Hope Jose gets a hold of that flog who celebrated right in front of him


Great second half.

Awesome finish!


As a neutral, I didn’t mind that game.

Hope I can get up in 3 hours & watch the Reds maintain the pressure on City at the top of the table.


Hell of a ride that.

10 seconds, … they just needed to keep them out for 10 more fkng seconds.