English Premier League 2018/19


7 of the last 8 that have been on top at Xmas have gone on to win the title.

Beat city and they will be 7 points up.

*the side that was on top at Xmas and couldn’t finish it off was Liverpool


Yeah its a big week or 2. Do this right, and we are a long way there.


Nothing beats Boxing Day PL fixtures


Looks like City have imploded


I will only believe Liverpool can win the title when @Mendozaaaa starts to believe.


Comfortable 4-0 win at Anfield. Lovren, Salah, Shaqiri and Fabinho the scorers. Spurs now into 2nd after City lose to Leicester.


It’s Liverpool’s to lose now


Was talking to a mate about this yesterday, he brought it up and I said “well you can almost guarantee third time unlucky then”

He responded that if it happened, he would never speak to me again! :laughing:


11 goals in two games.



It’s nobody’s title to lose right now. Half the games have been played. It’s like claiming a team will win the flag in Round 11. Long way to go yet. We have started well but that’s all it is. Need to keep it up!


Nice one Foxes. 2 convincing wins in a row.


Aaaannnnd Arsenal once again fail to win a game they should have one 3-1.

Next up: Liverpool at Anfield!


Will be cheering for Arsenal in this one.



lids off mate, start cracking open the champagne


Liverpool can’t lose it from here. Man city was their only threat and they have imploded.

Spurs playing well but can’t seeing them making up any ground, they’ll eventually drop points they shouldn’t.


Liverpool do certainly look the goods but anything can happen.
I mean City looked bulletproof just a few weeks ago.


To be fair to City though it’s not often you cop 2 belters to beat you


I think I spent more time switching over from the Reds clinical win against the Toon to the Foxes vs City game. I was hoping the Foxes would hold City, but to come away with the win was fantastic for them and even better for us. 7-point gap and equal on GD.

Spurs have been in fine form recently and deserved to go ahead of City.

Two big games for the Reds vs the Gunners and City in the coming two weeks. Win both of those (emphatically) and I may have to rustle up my contacts at Anfield and book a flight over there for next May.



Geez wtf happened to City, in the space of under a week they’ve just about spunked the title up the wall.


It happens to a lot of teams. Hard to have to the same will to win after last season.