English Premier League 2018/19


So much for the revolution at Arsenal, they’ve done what they usually do around this time of the year under Wenger.


Lol, that created a very strange image in my head…

Liverpool’s title to lose now. 6 points in front of spurs and 7 in front of city. All in their hands.


Enjoying how the Man U fans are trying to say its Liverpool’s title to lose. Must really hurt knowing the only satisfaction you can take from the season is from another team doing something that your team is no where near in the position to do.


A bit like Liverpool fans have for the last 30 years?
Of course it hurts seeing the dippers being a realistic chance. Would be no different to how your fans acted when we were winning trophies for fun.


I would be happy to see Liverpool win the title.

It has been a long time in the wilderson(Champions League excluded) for the once mighty power and they play a brand of football that is great to watch.

And it’s really hard to dislike Klopp.

If Liverpool do win it and put up a descent showing in the Champions League then surely Salah comes under consideration for the Ballon D’or next year.

VVD should be in that equation also but can’t see a CB being shortlisted.


you must’ve missed smooth’s work the last 10 years obviously.


Of course it is all in our hands. I’m waiting for the inevitable dip in form. I’m jaded.


Haha I didn’t miss it. Just read it with one eye!


The bright side is that when Liverpool are doing well, this thread sees heaps of new posts


Yeah smooth normally starts disappearing around Feb/March.




I miss the Man-U of the 90s . They were invincible, but you cant have a team like that forever .
One day they might be a powerful force again . In the meantime, you have got to respect the fact that a few other sides will have their day in the sun before you get there again. I am a big Man-U fan from the old days ( when the class of 92 started to make their mark ) and just enjoy watching the whole competition . Just my 2 cents worth.


Arsenal to either win 2-1 or get hammered 5-1.

Can’t see this being a draw.


I am hoping Arsenal get hammered…


The dream is still alive. Someone did ask whether i prefer Liverpool to win title, or Essendon to win AFL. I picked Essendon, but not immediately. Both would be nirvana.


However, watching Liverpool at Anfield is at top of bucket list in life.




1-0 down, 4-1 up at HT. Turned it around nicely!


Absolutely have put Arsenal to the sword. C’mon Reds… Finish thtm!!


5-1, and we took the foot off the gas in the last 20. Man City at the Etihad next!


The Dream is alive. if Man City lose, will be the perfect weekend.