English Premier League 2018/19


As Red said, if Milner is fit, he plays & Klopp will most likely go with a 4-3-3 formation with Hendo, Gini & Milner in the midfield.

Or will he surprise & go with a 4-2-3-1 formation & a Fab-Keita double pivot midfield shape? Fab prefers this, but I’m guessing that Klopp won’t start with this formation. Would be exciting to see it, though.

Bobby is hitting a rich vein of form & will trouble Stones. City have a number of headaches to deal with.


Couldn’t ask for a better time slot for the Man City v Liverpool clash.


Harry Kane has now scored against every team in whose games he has participated in the Premier League…including Spurs.

Spurs and Arsenal have easy wins against minnows.


Did he score against Spurs playing with another team, or do you mean an own goal?


Own goal…x 3


Not for me. I’m flying back home to the US at 10:30am on Friday. Wife staying back the additional week, so asking her to drop me off at the airport at 6am. Sit in the Qantas Lounge and watch game uninterrupted! :grin:


Hopefully the game lives up to the hype


Noonan starter following Kane during his loan spell AT THE MIGHTY DEN


Pulisic from Dortmund has signed for Chelsea, will remain at BVB for the rest of the season and make the move in the summer.


Have been in control most of the game but have only just scored thanks to Lukaku who had come on moments earlier


Rash looks to have sealed it


You guys look better but we won’t know the reality until you’re up against some top teams.

New managers always get a dead cat bounce, especially against the lower teams


Spurs next up.


If you’re looking for a great football podcast, get onto Undr The Cosh. Bunch of Northern lads who interview an eclectic mix of former players. Brett Ormerod (ex-Southampton and Blackpool), Nicky Weaver (ex-Man City goalie) and David Beasant (ex-Notts Forest goalie) tell some cracking stories, sound like good blokes. Ormerod’s take on Harry Redknapp in his time at Southampton sheds a lot of light on him…


Ok. Must say nervous for tomorrow. If we can win, the title is ours surely to lose. (Liverpool fan if wondering)


In no way do I think Ole is the saviour for this club, but what is obvious is he has just given the team freedom to go out and play that was stifled by Mourinho. It’s almost like his team talk is go out there, have some fun and make stuff happen and the players are loving it. 12 points out of 12 is good even if it has been all against minnows, so Spurs will be a big test both for the team and his management ability.

City/Liverpool should be a cracker.


I’ve set the alarm for 5 a.m. here in Tokyo. Am more excited than nervous. I just hope that I can manage a few hours of shut-eye before it starts. Huge game.


I wish somebody would shoot kroenke


Going for a midfield 3 of Hendo, Milner and Gini. Fabinho, Keita and Shaq all on the bench among others. Come on Reds!


Mane hits the upright then City nearly put one into their own goal.