English Premier League 2018/19


3 points would be awesome from here, but 1-1 wouldn’t be the worst result after City lost. Sturridge on. Hope he can do an Origi!


Wow. COYS!! Very handy 3 points and very unlikely with less than 10 to go. Great win.


1-1 it is. Didn’t do enough against a team that parked the bus. Bournemouth put 4 past Chelsea!


To be honest, I reckon they created as many, if not more, clear goal scoring opportunities than us. We were very flat tonight. That doesn’t change the fact that Keita should have had a penalty. Atkinson is the worst.


What a round of results. Chelsea wtf?


Atkinson is a ■■■■. Maguire should’ve been red carded in the first half and Keita probably should’ve won a pen, but Leicester did create more chances that what we did, and they had probably about 30% possession. Hendo put in a shift but I can’t wait for Trent to be fit again. Milner will definitely be back anyway, much rather him at RB as a stop-gap solution.


Leicesters defence have been shocking of late, we put 4 past them last week and it should’ve been more. Haven’t seen highlights of the match but wow… should’ve gotten a result there.


Sarri tried to dig his players out in public, doesn’t seem to have worked. Chelsea players down tools at the drop of a hat because pretty much in the whole Abramovic era he has always fired the manager as soon as things go sour.


After their showing in the Carabao midweek it seemed like it’d worked, but I guess not.


Time will tell I suppose, but it’s a high-risk strategy to do that.


Your mob have definatly been in abit of a hole lately, they needed that!


Disappointing for us, could have made good ground on top 4.


Haven’t seen the game yet, but looking at the stats it suggests to me that

  • foxes defended deep
  • we played cautiously after scoring early to protect the lead/back 4
  • we were to concerned about our weaknesses and not enough focus on our strengths




Still extended the lead at the top by a point though


Bank the point & extend the lead, but we were clearly robbed by fckn Marty.


Does any team score more goals in the last 5 mins than Tottenham.


Walked into work this morning in a shithouse mood thinking we had lost.

Was stoked when I found out we had turned it around.


Man Utd


Arsenal usually do. They had a habbit last year and the start of this season to always find an equaliser or a winner after the 85th minute