English Premier League 2018/19


Being reported yesterday that Martial has signed a new 5 year deal with United.

De Gea up next.


Very quiet transfer window for Wolves, obviously its not as active as end of season, but not much happening.

Bought our RB who was already on loan, Jonny Otto who has been getting a game for Spain for 15 mill. That’s it.

Sold our ex club captain Danny Batth to Stoke for 4 mill, received an add on fee from Stoke for 1.6 mill for the sale of Sam Vokes and then completed the sale of Benik Afobe for 12 mill to Stoke also. Thank you Stoke, lol.

The lack of spending isn’t a bad thing at this time of year and makes me excited to see what we’ll do at season end. Knowing the owners have ambition makes such a difference :smile:

…On the other hand, we have no real back ups in numerous positions with a very thin squad…


Lazar Markovic has moved to Fulham on a short-term deal, but given he’s uncontracted at the end of the season, he’s officially off Liverpool’s books. Has to be one of the worst signings for us ever, up there with Andy Carroll and Alberto Aquilani.


An interesting weekend of matches coming up at the top:

• with Milner and probably AA back, will Liverpool look more settled and less nervous against the Hammers?

• will it matter anyway? City, who have struggled recently to break down sides, host Arsenal who have struggled to defend and been ordinary on the road

• injury hit Spurs host Newcastle who accounted for City. Can Spurs continue to get the job done? Second place could be up for grabs against the other odds

• Chelsea play Huddersfield which seems like the easiest result to predict for the top 5. But then we probably all thought that about their game against Bournemouth - and look at how that turned out

• lastly, Man Utd go to Leicester and, given Chelsea’s form and Arsenal’s fixture, are a chance to claim 4th spot with a win. Given their form, you’d be reluctant to bet against them winning but they did draw at home to Burnley. Is the honeymoon over?


End of an era at United with Fellaini’s transfer to China completed.


Thank ■■■■ that microphone ■■■■ is gone


Got £10m for him. Should have asked for £8m if we could give them Jones as well


Haven’t West Ham been dreadful in their last couple of games?
Liverpool should have no probs.


I never hated fellani, when we were stinking on field and the so called senior players almost went into hiding on the field. Fella I always gave everything. Also scored in the last 3 semi finals where we went on to win a trophy post fergie.

He also has the best chest control of a ball I have ever see


Wolves go 3-1 against Everton before a black cat comes on and runs around Goodison Park - holding up play for 5 minutes.


We don’t do draws - That’s 29 matches in a row without one.

Anyway nice win last night.



Left it late again but another W without Kane, Alli and Rose is a great result.


Rose came on late as a sub.


Get farked Spurs, stop getting my hopes up every week for 80 minutes that you’re going to drop points.


We’re going to ship possibly 5+ goals against Liverpool, and I’m being optimistic.

Too many injuries and even at our best our defending is fkn awful especially against the best attacking line up.

Anyone waiting for Liverpool to slip will need to wait another week.


How TF did you fluff that Rash?? :no_mouth:


Didn’t stuff that one. Great pass from Pogba.

1 zip.


Great start!


Pretty much went to sleep for the last 20 mins though.

Haven’t started this half much more awake either thus far.


Thank fk for De Gea. Another fantastic save.