English Premier League 2018/19


that is a top notch photoshop


Was the perfect occasion for Keita to stake his claim, but again, he was a major disappointment. And I think all the injuries have taken a toll on Lallana. He is completely impotent these days. Keeping calm, but we need to turn things around pronto.


Not able to stiffen up Liverpool’s title challenge?




Sorry guys, on the mobile so can’t put the article in properly.

Just watching a 30 for 30 on this distaser.



Nope. He is flaccid AF. :grin:


Finally being taken as seriously as it should be.

A family member was a walloper around the midlands & north england in the 70s, he still basically describes football fans from those years as animals. That was the mindset.

Of course old Uncle Rupe was happy to set his worst attack dog onto blaming the victims. Piece of ■■■■ that he is.


The victim blaming started with the chief policemen in charge, he told the press that Liverpool fans (who had a bad reputation at the time) got in even though they didn’t have a ticket. Similar thing happened at the same ground 8 years earlier, they ended having fans sitting in front of the fences.

I suggest you watch the 30 for 30: Hillsborough. Really compelling, disturbing and horrifying. I was nearly in tears watching this, ended up having to watch it in 2 parts because some of the stories from the fans there and the families who lost their loved ones there was too much. I know it sounds cliche and all that but it was full on, just horrifying. This is the best doco if seen on Hillsborough so far



This is a trailer for it


I’ve watched it about 5 times.
Another reason I have a soft spot for Liverpool.


Only 7 top flight clubs left in the FA Cup, could be 6 by tomorrow come end of the 4th round.

Will only be 2 big clubs left standing come the quarter finals…


From one of the many league predictors out there. :smile:


If City and Liverpool finish on equal points, I think City will win it on goal difference…


At the moment they would but quite often those predictor tables have predicted the scores of all the remaining games and Liverpool obviously sneak infront


That ladder predictor is ■■■■■■.
Pretty obvious it’s taken into account us losing games.


The way you’ve been grinding out results with 90th minute winners it is absurd.


Probably has you drawing games too


If it’s got any credibility it’ll have factored in West Ham turning over Spurs at Wembley.