English Premier League 2018/19


What was our ‘don’t let this slip’ lead, much later in the campaign, again?

It’s happening.


It was only 2 points. It was 5 but we had played an extra game. But people carry on like we had an 8 point lead with 5 games to play. That’s a choke job…


Yeah, exactly. Plenty of time for it to happen. We’re not safe.


Lol well if we didn’t choke in 2011-2012, not sure if we would have won the following season. Moyes fairly gets a lot of stick, but that squad was pretty much cactus and RVP single handily carried us.


City go top temporarily


Scousers have Bournemout who in the last 2 weeks have beaten Chelsea 4-0 and lost to Huddersfield 2-0. Good luck seeing which one turns up


City have Chelsea at home.

Liverpool’s game in hand is against United at Old Trafford in a couple of weeks.

An interesting couple of weeks coming up at the top.


3 points ahead with 3 games left.

Loss, draw, win to finish.

Man City 3 x wins.

Man City won by 2 pts (and a ton of GD)


City and Liverpool both still have to play us at Old Trafford, could be massive if one is able to get points and the other loses.

Hopefully both lose

If we beat PSG over the 2 legs and make top 4, the job is Ole’s imo


Cheers, Rosso.

I’ve also seen the doco before. I remember watching the news back in '89 on the day of the disaster. The reporter interviewed a fan on the ground. He broke down, as he described the horrific scenes of people ‘being crushed’ before his eyes.

A few points:

Who at HQ made the calamitous call to transfer the experienced Brian Mole to Barnsley 21 days before the FA Cup semi-final and replace him with Duckenfield?

Thrilled to see Duckenfield face charges of manslaughter, but it has taken three long decades. And I can’t believe that fcker is still lying hardcore and blaming LFC fans. WTF was he doing in the control box that day? He stared at the TV screens and then ordered the gates to be opened - allowing fans into already full pens (with nowhere for them to go). He must be found guilty and I hope he rots in prison.


Nice strike Pogs. Good to get that after a scratchy start.


ead fulham


Absolute cracker from Martial. 2 zip.


Come on United fill your boots!!

Couldn’t of asked for a better start when playing away


And Pogba tucks home the pen for 3-0.


Great save Dave!


And Pogba gets a well deserved rest. Played very well today.


And back into 4th spot we go. Now to stay there.

Never thought I’d say this, but C’mon Man City.


Good to see a decent first half for Liverpool. 2-0 at half time. Need to close it out now


3-0 and should have been more after Salah scored early in the 2nd half. Good to get back to winning ways.