English Premier League 2018/19


Phew, OK. Pressure of for a few days. Now hoping Chelsea can play out of their skin.


Great article on our head coach, Nuno and his journey.


They have to give Ole the job. These figures are just extraordinary,… beyond what anyone could have imagined.



There’s certainly a challenging and telling 5 weeks coming up,… but Jesus, his results already are impossible to ignore.


I hope he gets the job full-time.


Do you really think so? He was incompetent, but do you really think he was malicious?

I’m not defending anything he did. He may or may not be found guilty of manslaughter. But I find it hard to wish ill upon someone who, however misguidedly, was probably only trying very incompetently to do his best.


Absolutely. Hope the ■■■■ gets made to pay for what he did. He’s caused plenty of hurt to many people, and refused to take responsibility for his actions, still to this day.


I always wonder how different Heysel and Hillsborough were.


A fair bit different I think. Heysel was a deliberate act and entitlrely Liverpool’s fault and the club never copped its full whack. Hillsborough was just poorly organised and set up right from the start. The game should not have gone ahead


I think it’s a bit rich to say the club never copped its right whack re Heysel. The club was dominating English football at the time and would have likely added to its European trophy cabinet during the 6 years it was banned from the Europe. The ban also meant players left the club that otherwise probably would have stayed.

As for the individuals, 14 were found guilty and sentenced to prison terms.

The collateral damage of other English clubs copping an European ban didn’t make sense. But this doesn’t distract from the fact Liverpool and their fans got what they deserved. The club served its time well and truly.


Duckenfield made the diabolical decision to open the gates (to reduce congestion at the turnstiles), allowing fans to enter the already overcrowded pens. He could clearly see those full pens on the monitors in the control box. That decision resulted in 96 deaths and 766 injuries. The worst thing is that he initially denied having made that order (in other words - he flat out lied). He then blamed it all on what he called drunken Liverpool fans breaching the gate. He maintained that lie to the point that the coroner checked the blood alcohol levels of all the deceased, including children. Yet, you want me to believe that he was 'trying very incompetently to do his best’? I hope he serves the longest custodial sentence possible.


Just as a matter of interest, what do you think he thought he was doing? Trying to get as many people killed as possible? Or something else? What?


He has already admitted to not thinking at all, hence the charges of manslaughter. You are the one bringing in a different notion that no one has stated. Not sure why you are pursuing that angle. That he continues to shirk responsibility and feels that it is ‘wrong and unfair’ to blame him is appalling. He has no sense of remorse whatsoever. Let’s see whether the 95 charges of manslaughter are upheld in the court.


Chelsea pulling their almost yearly tradition of not wanting to play anymore because we don’t like our manager. 4-0 down after 25 minutes.


Helps us out in terms of top 4. But I would hate to think what they would do to us


Duckenfield was grossly incompetent but wasn’t a murderer. However alot of the blame has to fall on him who didn’t not have enough man power and also stadium management who didn’t have enough turnstiles going for that amount of people.

But worst of all (apart from the fatalities and injuries) was the lies. Shouldn’t have taken 20-odd years and 4 inquests to get to where we are now. They hired an independent investigator who had already made his mind up before it started. If they had have just told the truth (and this cover up went very high up) then at least the families could have moved on with their lives.


Think you are wrong about Heysel. For a start the game should never been played there, and then the local organisation was very bad, with Juventus and Liverpool fans mixed together in one section. Belgian Police were hopeless as well.

14 who went to jail deserved it, but the club and English football was unfairly done by. Facts are that during that time there were many European Clubs with similar or worse thug supporters, especially Dutch, German and Italian. Clubs have some responsibility but Authorities have more.

Hillside was an example of this.




I do agree with some of your points. Heysel was a dump and no game should have been played there. There wasn’t a dedicated mixed area though as there was a small section behind the goals that was sold to neutral Belgian fans however these tickets were then on sold to Juventus and Liverpool supporters on the black market hence why it ended up as a mixed section. The 14 supporters served 3 years jail time only for the murders and Liverpool initially copped 6 years plus a further 3 but UEFA caved in and Liverpool only served a 6 year ban whilst the other English sides who were harshly dealt with served 5 year bans. Yes other clubs were worse behaved in that period of time but the 39 deaths had to spur UEFA on to get out the big stick. Fact is the Liverpool supporters caused the deaths by charging at the Juve fans and several of the Liverpool fans were known hooligans at the time. Whilst some Juve fans have accepted the apologies a large faction haven’t and will never. The last time they met in the CL sections of the Juve fans held up banners saying “murderers” and “Hillsborough proves god exists”.


Loving the full Chelsea implosion.


Chelsea players are now in “down tools” mode again. Last 2 away games have been a 4-0 defeat at Bournemouth and now 6-0 at City. If that isn’t sending a message that they are not playing for Sarri then I don’t know what is.