English Premier League 2018/19





Chelsea have regressed from being a title challenger to now just being a club that will float around 3rd-5th, at least that’s how it appears. Hazard’s off to Real Madrid, take that to the bank.


Whatever he thought he was doing, he did it very, very badly.

If you agree he had a duty of care, and “grossly” breached that duty of care, and contributed to the deaths; he can be done on negligent manslaughter.

There’s no test for it being done maliciously, as far as I can see.


Has anyone ever said he was?

He’s up on trial on grossly negligent manslaughter, not murder.


I was living in UK at this time. I went to a game at Anfield vs Aston Villa in Dec 1985 to see Craig Johnson play. After this game where Johnson got a late goal, Liverpool won and I followed Liverpool since.

But the behaviour of the supporters was disgraceful and I had never seen anything like it, even in the outer at Princess Park in earlier years when drinking was not regulated. I have seen worse at games in London and Holland, but I am still not sure what Clubs could do about it. Easier now with cameras and ID methods, but many of these soccer crazies were “normal” citizens the rest of the time.

I really still reckon that Heysel was always a disaster waiting to happen and that the European Soccer leaders of the time and those idiots Belgians should have been the ones in jail with the Liverpool nutters.


I have to say this (and I feel so dirty for saying it), that Pogba goal was absolutely beautiful!


Was replying to Sheltons comment


I have to agree, it seems like a lot of this is basically organised fighting using football as the vehicle for groups of “supporters” to convene. I think most Liverpool fans know the history of Heysel and that it was Liverpool fans that caused the problems on that day. Again, regardless of our allegiances, incidents such as that are an absolute stain on the game. I saw a report this week that two Southampton fans were spotted making aeroplane gestures when they played Cardiff, in reference to the recent airplane accident that saw the demise of Emiliano Sala. To think this still happens today is absolutely gobsmacking. It’s just not acceptable banter, but then again we know there are still a small minority that do this in reference to some of the tragedies that have happened over the years (Hillsborough, the Munich Air Disaster, etc).




Nice yellow card given to Son for diving, when it was a clear penalty.

If that had happened to a Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal player, this thread would be 4 pages longer.


Not surprised. Spurs players love a cheeky dive in the pen box, so then the refs don’t give one that should be awarded…


It was more a penalty than the one Maddison got (and Vardy fluffed) later on.


Jurgen Klinsmann was ages ago. Let it go, man!


You know this new forum doesn’t actually have pages anymore, don’t you?


I see they like to allow goals that are offside for Liverpool also.


Hey all 3 goals on the weekend were unquestionable!


Some melt on Twitter actually edited a photo of when the cross came in from Mane’s goal and removed the Bournemouth defender that played Mane onside to try and prove that the goal shouldn’t have been allowed. LOL! But anyway, Tottenham dive, the only thing that’s different is that their chief culprit is England’s golden boy so the media don’t call him out for doing it. Much easier to point the finger at foreigners.


Love City playing Chelsea’s celebratory song after pumping them 6 nil.




Didnt even see the Bournemouth game.
Talking about The Hammers game.