English Premier League 2018/19


Lucky Origi fluffed his lines. Otherwise it might have been 2 goals from offside positions.


I still can’t believe in this day and age there is no television coverage of the FA cup in Australia this season.

It’s embarrassing.


I agree, crazy.


Yep. And yet we get T20 farkin mickey mouse bat-cricket force fed down free to air tv.


At least it’s played in Australia, mostly by Australians.


Fairly unrealistic comparison. Maybe if the FA Cup wasn’t shown in England but the reference was to Australia.


Guessing you are referring to white european Australians.


What the absolute ■■■■ are you talking about?


What are Inited fans thoughts on this potential takeover? Personally I’m not sure it’s a great look.



I don’t understand why it’s better to watch a crippled version of one European sport over a decent version of another sport.


Not sure what you’re really arguing. But considering most of the Premier League clubs field weakened teams in the FA Cup it contradicts your argument about the quality of the teams.


Yeah unfortunately even the UK the FA Cup has lost its glitz and prestige. I still love it but can understand the clubs position on it


Is that a rhetorical question? :smirk:

I hope the murdering prick dies in a flaming car wreck. Is that answer enough?


Couldn’t care less who owns the club as long as they deliver silverware.


You are joking, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This bloke should be banned from doing anything outside his own country, have all his assets, frozen in all World banks, and if he ventures outside of SA and the chance arises, arrested, tried. and then Jailed for life.

Fk him. No way.


I’m not joking. Yeah the bloke is a crook but I’ll happily take his money if it means getting back to where we should be




You wish!
Get your trophies now whilst you still have time!


Wow. I can’t even, … fark. :no_mouth:


This is more the reaction I’d hope for from United fans, … well, those with principles, morals or a conscience at least.