English Premier League 2019/20

Wonder what the guy said before got steam-rolled !!!

Reckon he deserved it.

He clearly said something but I’m not sure it warrants being taken out like that.

He probably should not have been standing there, and if it happened in the AFL he would get the ban I reckon.

He shouldn’t have been standing in his own dugout?


Imagine that player will be having a nice few months off. What a brain snap, whether the bloke was having a yap or not.

Life ban for both of them then.



Well,… he was out of his dugout, 2 feet from the boundary line, & clearly mouths off at the guy, … but more than that, he takes a step into his path while mouthing off, then gets a push on the shoulder, & as an ex player, goes down like he’s been shot (old habits never die it seems) with the biggest dive you’ll see from a coach this decade.

Total flog if you ask me, and if you’re going to get in a players face and step into his path that close to the sideline, you cop what you get.

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I don’t even know how to answer this.

Can’t you see the big dotted 20 x 4m rectangle?

And so what if he took a step. He’s allowed to.

That player would cop a life ban from local footy for decking a coach over the sidelines, he’ll probably end up with a year off. I don’t get how there’s any justification here, even if he was yapping off, he was standing still with his hands in his pockets. And yes, it’d absolutely deck you if you weren’t expecting it.
Different story if he was expecting contact but… he’s a coach…

Pretty broad definition of “A Dug Out” you use. I call that where they fking SIT.

And why wouldn’t he expect contact when he steps into a players running line? Is the bloke supposed to divert suddenly to avoid someone that is deliberately stepping into it & getting in his face?

If he doesn’t put the hand out to push him out of the way and just holds his line he cleans him up. Would that be better?

And as I said, it was a soft push, and the flog didn’t need to even fall down, but chose to throw himself on his back like a bad wrestler.

Exactly. He should know better than to behave like that and get involved abusing opposition players and confronting them 2 feet from the sideline.

Fk him.

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Yes he is expected to not run into him. He would’ve had to take a step to the left or two to the right.
It really is that simple.

What’s even simpler is the Coach not fkn being there getting in his face and stepping into his line.

Personally reckon I would have just run through the flog rather than pushing him out of the way. Cockwits that do that deserve everything they get.

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Yeah, weird how the coach charged directly at him from about 40m away, and the player only took one step to the side.

Oh, wait, no.

That’s the absolute opposite of the thing that happened.

Careful fellas, internet tough guy over here.

Fkn cockwomble. :roll_eyes:

Ooohhh, you asked for it.

I’m going to run through you from 40m away, because that’s a totally reasonable thing to do when someone says something nasty and I’m a complete idiot.

'kin wut? blink

Any one part of the prawn sandwich brigade isn’t tough.

An altercation between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez in the Liverpool v Man City match yesterday morning has spilled over to the training pitch in the England national team. Sterling confronted Gomez when they were in training camp and a bust-up ensued, resulting in Sterling being dropped from the England squad for their Euro 2020 qualifier against Montenegro. Liverpool living rent-free in City’s heads. LOLOL!


It’s interesting watching a few of the Man City players (and coach!) start to fray under a bit of heat. Pep, Sterling - magnanimous statesmen when winning…finding it not so easy with a depleted defense and a bit of a soft underbelly being exposed.


Looks like our season is farked and we’re heading for a relegation dogfight.( The Hammers). If the Bombers fark about next season I’m done. Start following lawn bowls.


Yes, because they’ve choked to give you the title twice in the last 5 years.

EDIT: i’m being told this is not the case, and in fact it’s Liverpool who’ve choked to give Man C the title twice in the last 5 years.

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