English Premier League 2020/21

The new season will be upon us in around a month, so may as well start a new thread! Post any news regarding signings, etc in here.

Looks like Liverpool will have a new signing shortly. Greek left-back Kostas Tsimikas has reportedly been booked in for a medical at Melwood after an 11.75M fee was agreed with Olympiakos. Good cover for Robbo, thought we’d go for a more versatile defender who could play centrally as well to provide CB and LB support. I don’t think there will be any “marquee” signings for us this summer…


Can we stay in 2020 don’t wanna leave

Got this last week

Still a huge wait to get an official one from the club. Got it off sportsdirect.com


Surely a world class Greek footballer is a oxymoron :joy:


■■■■ off Ace🤣

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I hope by the time the season starts crowds are allowed back in. Wasn’t the same watching matches without the passionate crowds.

I keep on reading about Sancho. Is he actually an good- or just a highly rated youngster?

Biggest questions for the season are:

How will Liverpool go- can they create a dynasty. How will they go being the “hunted”

How Man City respond to being a distant 2nd all year

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Good to see Leeds finally back in the Premier league. Hopefully can stay there.

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Its going to be tough - unlucky not to win the year before and enough worrying signs re: form before the break that continued after the break to be concerned imo.

why you hating on Kosta Barbarouses?

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He’s good, but not $120 million good.


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And it begins😆

Official. Tsmikas becomes the 2nd Greek to sign for Liverpool. Hopefully he can prove himself as an able back-up for Robbo.

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Good player. He owned Traore in our last win in the Europa against Olympiacos.

Wolves receive £10 million in bonuses from Leeds and Fulham due to their promotions after we offloaded Costa and Caveliero. Very nice piece of business.

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Willian officially signs for Arsenal

Lol - really?

Yep-free transfer.

At 32 he’s not a long term solution but he will offer good depth across any attacking position. We are covered on the wings so I’m guessing he will play attacking midfield.

Would prefer a midfielder or two and another centre back so I hope this isn’t our only signing.

Willian is class though so he’s definitely welcome.

Willian is good. Still doesn’t solve your ■■■■■ defence though…

Tell me about it. Saliba has arrived but he’s 19 so can’t put too much expectation on him even though he has a huge reputation.

To be honest I’m just as worried about our midfield.

All our best players are in attacking positions so it’s very typical for arsenal to add another forward.

Arsenal are the Essendon of the premier league.


Both have been ruining my weekends for longer than I care to remember