EPL 2016/17 Thread


Wenger is surely gone.


If Wenger signs a new deal, Arsenal may as well just pack it in. The players have stopped playing for him now, Sanchez is off in the summer, maybe Ozil but he is less of a loss. The writing is on the wall, if he can't see it he is either deluded or arrogant. Needs a cleanout, both the manager and players...


Chelsea pretty much have the same squad as last season FWIW. Arsenal have more than enough quality in that squad to not be turned over by the Baggies. The players have tuned out and just replacing Wenger would make a world of difference


Chelsea have made one major change to last year's team - Kante in. His Premier League performances over the last 18 months are amazing.


The seppo owners love Wenger. Makes them consistent money.


I am starting to agree. I am more excited about who the new manager will be rather than our prospects for next season under the current regieme.

Is that wrong of me?


■■■■ umpiring again.

Bailly gets clipped in the ankle, no foul.

Jones gets simulated on, yellow carded.

gagf english officials.

also rashford won't make it as a player unless he can start headering the ball.


how is that advantage?

■■■■ OFF.


thank ■■■■, with a ripping cross from young.

ffs that assistant ref really hates jones.


what a banger from lingard.


This ain't Wembley Jesse lol


game on


And typically now we have to hang on


Well we got 2 up.... what did u expect? :unamused:


haha sucked in valdez.


Valencia seals it with almost the last kick of the day. We leapfrog Arsenal into 5th!


Still have a T4 spot in sight.

Alls well that ends well.


Solid win Spurs. I thought that would be the one we'd drop without Harry.


1-1 at emptihad 76'

Liverpool dominated first part of second half and led through Milner penalty. Aguero equalised at 70'


Not a bad point, however seeing Lallana's miss from just outside the 6-yard box we perhaps could've nicked it.