EPL 2016/17 Thread




Clear pen


Zlatan WTF


fmd foad


Pretty obvious on replay

And you won’t see Ibra fk one up like that too often.



why isn't zlatan blasting his freekicks and penalties?




send everyone off, null and void this β– β– β– β–  game.


Fark, .. there's another one on the deck ..


I know we identified early, that Ibra was clearly off his tucker & out of sorts today, .. but Jeezuz, .. he'd hit that penalty everyday of the week with a busted leg and both eyes tied behind his back. ... Just kinda felt like he was going to fk it up though too ..

Strange strange match ...


Cmon you mofo's, . damn it!! Put one away & seal this bastard ffs!




Again .. Faark ... that was frustrating as hell


Well done Cherries!!!


united has the mental fortitude of essington.


Another terrible home performance. Games like this sort out who will be at the club next year.


Only at home



Drives me spare.


Total fucking disgrace.

How Mourinho's answer was to bring on that useless β– β– β– β–  in Fellaini and put Lingard at wingback is just fucking mind boggling and went a huge way to losing us the game.

Pogba was fucking terrible in the last couple of minutes.

Could have scored two goals and instead he totally fucking bottled it.

Ibra should be getting games for that elbow and we can only hope he does after that performance because he was easily worst on along with Jones.

And anyone who thought Rooney was good is deluded by past memories because he was Captain Potato yet again. He seriously wouldn't even be getting games for a championship side at the moment.

Get some more money out Glaziers and Mourinho, how about we actually get rid of the dead would this summer instead of retaining it?


waiting on robbo's take. might look sane compared to some of us.