EPL 2017/18 Thread



Won the CL at Porto on a budget about 1/10th of what other clubs spend and backed it up with a CL win at Inter that wasn’t spending anywhere near as much as others


I like both u guys but both your managers are hardly going to get nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize.
It’s reached the point in The EPL where I can’t remember the last time a penalty was awarded against a team that the manager on the wrong of the decision hasn’t bitched about it afterward.
Sometimes you get outplayed - has nothing to do with luck or the ref.
You lost fair and square.
Didn’t see Everton v Liverpool but was hardly surprised at the reaction once I read Rooney nailed a pen.


Was not a pen.


Yeah I just wanted to jab him.


Fair enough - didn’t see it.



If that was done to the travelling chavs then I have no real issue with that celebration. If that was to the pool supporters or Heaven forbid the Kop, then that is a bad look and incendiary and irresponsible.


Don’t deny he is a great manager. But he’s a massive hypocrite. Double standards to suit his mood.


All managers are hypocrites.


Can’t recall too many bigger. But happy to be corrected.


I’d have klopp up there same with Wenger. Everyone love a big Sam. But you should see his video about taking bribes.


Anyone see the results from this morning? Arsenal and Liverpool both dropped points. In a pretty boring season maybe the relegation battle will provide some excitement?


liverpool and arsenal dropping points??



Arsenal and Liverpool can’t score against bottom placed sides but United are boring lol.


Yeah absolutely gutless is losing 2-1 to City instead of 5-0 and having a player sent off. Gutless, I tell you.


Manchester United played like a relegation team, at home, in a Derby. Long balls to the striker. The City goalie didn’t make his first save until the 75th minute of the match. If LVG or Moyeseh set up and played like that they’d be run out of Old Trafford. Gutless, cowardly, call it what you like. City have bought their success but at least they play attractive football and look to attack.


Wasn’t a great game from us and Mou has copped plenty of heat from it.
At the end of the day it’s a results based game and we are second and comfortably clear of the rabble back in 5th spot with the greatest ploclaimed manager in the history of the game


Not King Claudio.