EPL 2017/18 Thread


Coutinho is off to Barca for £142m and has played his last game for Liverpool


142mil?!?! Liverpool have done very very well there.


Really disappointed with The Coutinho situation on a couple of fronts. Firstly, selling in January at a time when we are in the knockout stages of the CL, in a battle to secure a top 4 finish in the league. For me there is no possible way we can find anyone of Phil’s quality in January. Maybe in the summer, but not now. So that is why I’m amazed and pretty annoyed we have sold right now, because I can’t see Barca not going for him in July and I doubt we would lose out on the fee. Also, after buying VVD, the conspiracy theorists will say that we only bought him because we knew that Phil was going and that his sale would more than subsidise the transfer.

Having said that, report suggesting that Maharez from Leicester is on his way, certain outlets saying he’s due in Liverpool for a Medical in the next day or so. I’d welcome him in and think he will be a good player for us.


Mahrez would be a far better option than Lemar and at half the price.
Emre Can has signed with Juve for free but will play out the season, great pick up for us and at no cost


All up losing Phil and Can, we have brought Van Dijk in, Keita will arrive in the summer. I don’t know the complete situation of Leon Goretzka but we have been linked with him. He’s run his contract down so he’s a free signing for whoever gets him. He’d cancel out the loss of Can. So if we get Maharez now, bring in Keita and Goretzka, then make another big money signing the squad is probably better overall.


Goretzka will end up at Bayern. I rate Keita and Mahrez highly but VVD is very average.
Liverpool still need to spend money on a goalie and a defender or two if they want to push higher


Meanwhile in Spain, Diego Costa scores and is sent off on debut back at Atletico. Second yellow for his celebration. Quality


The time between his first and second yellow was 6 minutes. LOL!


Shame he has left the EPL I liked him, I think he was a bit unfairly maligned…


Honest question about Keita as I have never seen him play.if he is so highly rated why is he playing in America?is he on loan or something from a big club. What position does he play?


He is at Red Bull in the Bundesliga isn’t he? (Leipzig, I think).


I think there’s 2keitas

Edit:, Yes there is.


Lol Arsenal


I didn’t expect that. But that is the “magic of the cup” right there.


but @saladin is rapt.

I used to follow Forest back when Clough was there, but in England in 1978, I saw two of their games and they were boring. Spurs, on the other hand…


City fall out of race Alexis apparently.

United still very interested.


City will get him for free at seasons end so it makes no sense to splash out on him now. We may well be interested but he seems intent on getting to City. We will have to pay way overs to get him over this window


It’s Wenger.

He will sell him to City for what they offered and p!ss off the Arsenal supporters even though the Man U offer is better.


If the reported offer by United is anything like true, (25M + Mikhy) I would be quite interested. I would almost do it to spite city and their tactics to unsettle him even if it meant giving ‘dirty sanchez’ to moaninhio. I reckon most Arsenal fans would disagree with me though.

Problem I have is I would have rathered squeeze something like 60M out of city in August than go through all of this crap now!