EPL 2017/18 Thread


We’re actually getting shots on at Arsenal, WTF


Solid first half.

They’re definitely there for the taking if we go for it and bring on Lanzini, CHICA and Carroll and have a proper go at that shaky defence.

Take a nil all draw if we can hold out another 45.


Conceded to Monreal WTF





absolute mayhem in south african football. hot tip, don’t lose.


Poor security guy, that looked terrible


Joe hart is cooked


Get farked wankers


If Hart starts any games for England in the WC I will lose the plot completely. The guy has turned into a awful keeper. Can’t believe Moyes keeps playing him


apparently shes fighting for her life.


Looks like it was the defenders fk up on that one, my apologies hart.


I thought it was a guy, that’s even worse!


And she’s not even white. What a disgrace of a country, should go back and be banned from all sports.


Was a male, still just as pathetic and disgusting. ■■■■■■ up country, couldn’t pay me to visit that shithole


Up to a certain point in that video, I was going to say “Can we bail them out, give them Visas to do the same to Channel 7, Lingy, Darcy and ■■■■■■■ Bruce, maybe Dwayne too at Poxtel”…then I saw the steward and thought otherwise.


Its really not surprising and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen a little more. The cash drops, you lose players, morale and the Champ is a competitive league.

The wolves have been on abit of a rollercoaster:

Promoted to EPL in 08/09
Relegated in 11/12
Relegated from Championship in 12/13
Promoted from League One in 13/14
Missed playoffs on goal difference in 14/15 (on 78 points)
Promoted this year.


Wolves will stay up for awhile now and I have them finishing top 10 next season. Have wealthy backers plus Mendes doing his dodgy deals. Should see some big names come in for their return to the top flight


I have always had an interest in Wolves, not sure why. When I got my first Championship Manager, I think it was 01/02 I went Wolves first. Partly because if I was no good then at least I did not do that with Arsenal and also because I did not want to replace Arsene Wenger.

Could also be them being a former great side and the lure of being the one to bring the good times back. I have been Villa on occasion too for a similar reason. I have not felt the same about doing it for Forest or Liverpool.


This is an old article I read years ago which gives abit of history of when Wolves were one of the leading teams in Europe. Interesting read and quite nostalgic.


Yep. For me a late family friend has family in the Midlands and they are huge wolves fans so he follows them and I have always had an interest in them. Good to see them back