EPL 2017/18 Thread


I dont. Not a ■■■■■■■ Sevco.


Semantics. It is the same club in the same place with the same fans. The cultic wayne kers’s still flog themselves if they beat Rangers, the rivalry is still there. Hopefully next year Rangers won’t be crap and teach the poor hard done by woe is me, cults who is the boss and return to normal scheduling.


Stoke go behind and are near as good enough relegated.


The orcs are relegated!


Laters Stoke


Ead stoke - will never forget the 6-1 pounding liverpool copped in the last game of the season.


so stoke couldn’t do it on a rainy tuesday at stoke?


Sir Alex seriously ill in hospital


West Brom basically relegated despite defeating Spurs.
Soton were only seconds away from safety but conceded a 96th minute equaliser via deflection to Everton. One of Swansea, Soton or Huddersfield to also go down. Swansea face Soton next


Glad to see Stoke down, hopefully West Brom follow. Would hate to see Huddersfield relegated, but they have been in poor form. Saints may just scrape it out of there. Swans v Saints the absolute definition of a relegation 6-pointer…


West Brom have a slim slim slim mathematical chance. Need Southampton and Swansea to draw against each other and both lose their last game. Then West Brom need to belt Palace to overcome their poor goal difference versus Southampton.

Could happen, but I doubt it.


Sir Alex in abit of stife. Has had a brain hemorrhage, had emergency surgery and is hanging in there




I think Soton have City so if City are in the mood they could really do some damage to Sotons GD


Only thing is there’s been more than enough teams who are in holiday mode already. Leicester losing at home to West Ham, who were battling to stay up. They might trot out a second string team you never know. Who do Huddersfield have to play?


City away, Chelsea away, Arsenal home.


Safe, how I don’t know. Sums up how pathetic the quality has been this season.

Look forward to the same old sh-t from these owners next season.

One for sure, we’ll sign Shaqiri, bookmark it.


Arsenal have registered ZERO points away from home in 2018, so that’s 3 in the bank.


Huddersfield get a point at City keeping them goalless. First time since April 2017 that City have failed to score at home. Great effort by Huddersfield. Still not safe but a handy point.