EPL 2022/23

Hope he is a mean mother ■■■■■■ as he is going to need a bit of mongrel in him to get this mob back to winning a trophy.

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They’d have pushed us all the way for 5th, and also challenged for top 4, if they didn’t have those surprise defeats to Forest and Everton.

Sounds as if they’re going to lose Alexis Mac Allister. Maybe Liverpool!

Mitoma will be getting offers too.

Enciso’s goal overnight was an absolute pearler, well worth a look.

Absolute cracker wasn’t it

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Ange to manage Tottenham? What do our Blitz Spurs’ fans think of this?

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Not yet. After next season he’ll go. He’s got another crack at the CL next season and that (unlike everyone else it seems) is what he sees as the pinnacle, not the ■■■■■■■ EPL.

Even after next year I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t go to England. I could easily see him somewhere warmer like Germany or Italy.

Winning the Champions League is definitely the ultimate. But managing a major Premier League team is a true win. I can’t imagine Ange saying no to that offer if it’s made.

Winning the CL is the ultimate but he ain’t doing it that at Celtic. Getting Celtic out of the Group stage would be a massive achievement


If/when he goes I wish him all the best. I just hope he doesn’t go to Spurs/Leicester/Palace etc.

It would be a ■■■■■■■ tragedy.

If he goes, it’s gotta be to a Liverpool/Man Utd/City/Arsenal. Otherwise I just don’t see the point.

The way managers are treated in England is disgraceful. Have a poor window and you’re gone.

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I very much doubt he is going to get to one of the really big clubs. His best chance is to get his foot in the door with a club like Spurs


And it probably makes more of a statement if he elevates one of the middle rung sides into the top bracket than taking over one already there.

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This aged well

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That’s a great level for him to get to though. Those bigger teams wouldn’t take on a manger untried in a big league and would likely cast him off sooner anyway.

I like the idea of Ange. Spurs don’t need a top line proven manager who then can’t get the cream of the crop talent in to a club that isn’t a first choice destination. They need to get back to smarter recruiting of upcomers and developing and nurturing academy kids with an eye for getting that young talent on the pitch.
They also need a return to a more exciting style of play. Ange could be a good fit.

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Utd up 2-0 v chavs, Casimero gets the 1st and sets up the second with Sancho for Martial to tap in, surprisingly he didn’t fark it up, I don’t think Utd would be looking at a top 4 finish if we didn’t have Casimero.

Cop that Fat Frank and the rent boys

Useless Chavs

Off to Europa we go

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Top 4 guaranteed after 4-1 win v Chelsea. After a disastrous start to the season for Ten Hag it’s a pass from me.

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