EPL 2022/23

Everton get to celebrate being the best of the worst… i.e. they are ■■■■


Some goal by Doucoure

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Little bit salty? Need something sweet?
Maybe it’s TOFFEE TIME!!

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United third and Leeds relegated is a great end to the weekend.

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Would’ve been great to finish with an away win, but a goal - and a point - at Palace is not a bad outcome at all to end the season. Our final six weeks has been excellent , other than throwing away a win at Brentford - and we get to go again next season, with hopefully a more targetted transfer period. Been quite the ride.


Nah mate, happy with second.

Very refreshing to see some different teams qualify for European Competition instead of the same old every season


Brighton and Villa both have the Manchester sides to thank for their respective European spots😝

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Can someone infinitely more credentially than I explain how Leicester City went from winning the title to being relegated within a few years?
Did they disappear up their own arsses?
Did they have their best players picked-off by the biggest clubs?
Did they prematurely punt their manager after a few bad games?
What the hell happened?

To someone with only a passing interest in EPL, it seems quite the rapid fall from grace…


They were never the same after their owner died.


Yeah I think that really did set the Foxes back. Rodgers probably lost a bit of spark there. Early doors some of the comments in the media, I was thinking that he was wanting the sack. But they hung onto him longer than anticipated. He turned the form around briefly but they went to ■■■■ again. I really did think they’d get out of it given they have some good attacking talent there.

selling their best players for big money but then not adequately reinvesting in the squad played a part

the death of the owner was a big part in their downfall however

Losing their owner in a helicopter crash didn’t help.
Edit. Just saw @scotty21 post.

This was tragic, whole club was devastated and I don’t think they’ve recovered.

that and the pandemic, which meant that Leicester owners King Power’s duty free businesses in Thailand and elsewhere took major hits. Transfer budgets dried up with them.


It is also 7 years since they won the title, a lot can happen in that time. Don’t forget that just 7 years before they won the league they were playing third division football so in the space of 14 seasons they have gone from League 1 to the Championship, to the EPL and win it and now back down to the Championship


Theyre probably back to there true level, in and out of the Premier League with the likes West Brom and Watford.


Guess that leaves the true big club to represent the East Midlands at EPL level :grin:

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Yeah this was a huge hit for them. They made a huge mistake in not replacing Schmeichel after he left for Nice.