EPL 2023/24

Big news here. Premier League clubs to vote on a motion brought by Wolves to chuck VAR into the bin from next season. Goal line tech remains of course. Anyway, their AGM is next month and needs a majority of 14 -6 yes votes to be considered…

Of course the PL can overrule or ignore it but that’d be a bit foolhardy. Word is the big clubs want it to remain given Europe have all adopted it. Me thinks it’ll miss and VAR will stay. Issue is is mainly around those VAR chaps in a nameless building deciding on a minimal offside, who just aren’t up to it and take absolutely ages … kills the atmosphere.

And whadda bout the fans who have no say?
Many I’m hearing on the radio are saying do away with it … but its not an overwhelming feel out there.

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Based on nothing but a whim I don’t think they’ll reach that majority vote. They really need to fix the rules around its use - the intrusive and elongated rulings that aren’t “clear and obvious”.


Change the offside rule so are aren’t dealing with millimetres.

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If VAR goes, I’ll start watching the EPL fully again. Var has just taken away almost all the joy out of watching football. You can’t even celebrate a goal fully anymore becuase in the back of your mind you waiting for them to review it. The offside calls that involve millimetres are a joke

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For me that’s the biggest issue. It’s done different in the UCL to the PL, they use like a virtual reality simulation or something that takes into account the player’s position on the pitch and creates a reenactment of it, which is far better than some muppet drawing calibration lines at Stockley Park. The old adage of “level is onside”, unless you can tell by the naked eye it is clear offside (or onside in terms of goals disallowed on the pitch and later reviewed as being inside) should be the order of the day.


It’s not even the mm decisions for me. It’s the simple failings to get some decisions right. If you still have the human interpretation involved in final decisions, then are you any better off than just backing the onfield ref?

It’s a bit like DRS in cricket. I trust it for pitching in line and run outs, but I have no faith in the projection of ball tracking. Stick to empirical uses only.

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Can’t disagree with any of what you’ve said there Sal
This season has been one of so close but yet so far, the fine line between success (if you call mid table success) and failure is never more evident in the EPL
Although we didn’t get the win, how we played against City few weeks ago would’ve got us points against most other teams
Our defending in particular against set pieces hasn’t improved and cost us big time
Don’t get me started on VAR and some poor officiating

Despite this I want to see Nuno have at least this off season and another shot next season and see what he can do with this squad and the changes he sees fit to make

Oh yeah, I’m not advocating for Nuno’s departure. But for various reasons we didn’t perform as this list should have expected, imo.

Agree on the performances against the big clubs. Multiple times this year I thought that if we brought that every week we’d be fine. But the only thing we brought most weeks was a defensive fragility. As you mentioned, often against set pieces.

Even the recent one against Chelsea, we played well enough to win , at worst take a point, but we concede two late to hand them the points.

I do cut us some slack in one area - injuries. Wood did a great job , and he kept us up (assuming no match fixing stuff this weekend) , but imo Taiwo is the most important player on the field to our setup. I think his absence impacted a lot on other players like Gibbs White. And the injuries to Boly / Niakhate / Felipe - especially after Lodi departed - unsettled the centre backs and how we wanted to defend.

The big unknown for me is Nuno’s preference for formation , and whether some players just needed a season to get used to PL football or aren’t going to make it. Sangarê on paper made so much sense as a DM , for instance, but rarely looked settled or in control. Danilo will be fine, Murillo looks awesome , but Dominguez, Montiel, Elanga etc are all a bit vague as to how well they fit the lineup.

And persistent talk that PSR is still a problem ( while City just stall 115 charges in court!!? Gtfo,) and might force another Johnson style sale is troubling.

I do think the makings of a solid EPL side is there. I hope we let the core settle and find their feet, we have some excellent young players still, and just make a couple of strategic signings to slot in.

Oh, and if we do nothing other than fark off Arter ( seriously, possibly the worst signing / deal ever, by anyone ) and Shelvey then that’s a step forward.

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Agree. And there’s no single frame which accurately represents the timing of the kicking of the ball - it can fall over multiple frames within which the runner can go from mms onside to mms offside.


Offsides are moving to the automated VAR i think from next season.

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Do away with the offside rule from the halfway line. Make it the goal area instead. Might open up the game a bit more and bring back the old goal hangers as we used to call them :grinning:

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Don’t do away with the offside rule, but change the interpretation. If the attcking player has any part of their body in line with a defender, then they should be onside. As I explained it to a mate, if you can see daylight between the players they are offside, otherwise play on. I’m not talking feet or hands here. Torso to torso.

Additionally, ball out of play. For mine, if the ball is on the ground and you can see green between the ball and the line, it is out. None of this "Oh, we guessed that 3mm of the ball was still plying field side of the line so play on. The perfect example of that was the Newcastle v Arsenal game where the ball was clearly out of play but the argument was made that a part of it might have still been in play. It’s like being a virgin, you either are or aren’t and if the ball is touching the grass outside the field of play then it’s been ■■■■■■.


You got me with the virgin and balls on the grass bit. Brought back memories.
Too risque? Sorry mods.:smile:

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But that gives awesome moments like my Samurai Blue downing Spain!

See, ball is out. Nothing anyone can say will convince me otherwise. If the ball lands on the grass the other side of the line it’s out. That grass is not in the field of play so therefore neither is the ball. You can’t swim if your not in the pool.


I was tracking down an NBN fault with a tech this morning. A UK lad, Preston North End fan. We found an old RJ plug that had been butchered, only two pairs were properly crimped into the plug. I showed him the problem, he looked at it closely and declared “I reckon a f*#*ing Chelsea fan did that”.

Some things are universal, it seems. :smile:


Might be your man is still steaming from the 4-0 FA Cup belting PNE received back in Jan.

City up 1-0 after 3 mins, didn’t take long.

That’s sucked excitement out of it all


Spurs go up

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