EQs Draft Guide on Essendon

For a club that used to brag about our KP strengths we are really down on depth now. Luckily some of our KPs can play more than one position because in the likely event of injury, we're going to need that flexibility. 



In: Paul Chapman, Shaun Edwards, Kurt Aylett, Johnny Rayner (alternative talent rookie).

Out: Scott Gumbleton, Stewart Crameri, Alwyn Davey, Luke Davis, David Hille, Nathan Lovett-Murray.

Rookie upgrade: Lauchlan Dalgleish.

Draft picks: 26, 55, 64 (Dalgleish).



TALL FORWARDS: Michael Hurley, Joe Daniher.       (Carlislie, Ryder, Bellchambers)


TALL DEFENDERS: Dustin Fletcher, Jake Carlisle, Cale Hooker, Tayte Pears, Ariel Steinberg (rookie), Sean Gregory.   (Hurley, Ryder)


SMALL/MEDIUM FORWARDS: Paul Chapman, Jason Winderlich, Jackson Merrett, Nick Kommer, Leroy Jetta, Cory Dell'Olio (rookie).


SMALL/MEDIUM DEFENDERS: Michael Hibberd, Courtenay Dempsey, Mark Baguley, Kyle Hardingham, Lauchlan Dalgleish, Kurt Aylett.


MIDFIELDERS: Jobe Watson, Brendon Goddard, David Zaharakis, Brent Stanton, Dyson Heppell, Jake Melksham, Ben Howlett, David Myers, Heath Hocking, Travis Colyer, Alex Browne, Elliott Kavanagh, Will Hams, Jason Ashby, Nick O'Brien, Shaun Edwards, Martin Gleeson, Johnny Rayner (rookie).


RUCKS: Patrick Ryder, Tom Bellchambers.   (Daniher)


DRAFT DAY: The Bombers have some thinking to do. Their group looks fairly well placed to survive this and next year's draft penalties, but a lot will depend on whether Merrett, Kavanagh, O'Brien, Browne, Colyer and Hams can become influential contributors next year, and whether Bellchambers and Ryder kick more goals. Losing Gumbleton hits their depth and losing Crameri will hurt, although trading a former rookie for a second-round pick gives them a shot at a decent replacement. The trick is deciding which way to go, particularly given the club is making only two live picks. The Bombers could do with another ruckman, but it would be difficult to justify doing this early unless Michael Apeness, who can play both as a marking forward and in the ruck, reaches 26. There should be more onballers around and that's probably the way they'll go, with the crafty Zach Merrett a chance at this pick and some of Trent Dumont, Luke Dunstan, Matt Crouch, Tom Cutler and George Hewett a chance to make it through through. Rory Lobb, Toby Nankervis and Ben Brown are the best ruckmen on offer but the Bombers may instead take an older rookie.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/clubbyclub-guide-to-the-2013-afl-draft-20131115-2xm5h.html#ixzz2klDCmc1S

IMO the most interesting person on our list is Ariel Steinberg. He was recruited as a medium sized forward. Struggled to have an impact at VFL level, probably lacked maturity and discipline during games. Didn’t do the basics well enough. Started being played as a key defender for a few seasons, and has been solid and now on a rookie list. Losing Crameri makes his spot very intriguing.

With the wealth of defensive options at the club, I was unimpressed about the fact we didn’t throw him back to the forwardline half way through the season. I honestly think he has matured and learned a lot from playing in the backline that he could be a fantastic option up forward. But he hasn’t played that position for a few years, so all it is based upon is a guess.

But at least we NAMED Steinberg forward a few times late in the season…  :blink: 


In our initial good run of 2013, we were (or were close to) the best-scoring team in the league. This was at the same time everyone here was calling it dysfunctional (which it was).


Yes, Crameri is a loss. He drew certain defenders, and reduced the ability of the other team to switch options. But if our midfield does their job, like in that early run of 2013, and Joe D is a year older and bigger, I'm not too worried about us struggling to score.

The whole lot just screams “go tall early”. If we go a little guy at #26 we’re likely pushing it up hill trying to get a good big guy later

The whole lot just screams "go tall early". If we go a little guy at #26 we're likely pushing it up hill trying to get a good big guy later

Yep. Problem is, when Lobb and Apeness Go, are there any talls good enough to justify pick 26. 

Would we take Marsh, who seems to have drifted a bit in popularity the last couple of weeks?

NFI what we are gonna do...