Escort Cup Week 4

So there was games yesterday.

WB def GC
WCE def Melb

Suddenly feel like a cigarette.


Clayton Oliver is a farking gun. JLT and all but crikey, fair game.

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Im jumping around like Tony Barber!

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Sam mitchell 39 possies

It might actually be fun watching him kill it out west if hawthorn struggle this year

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Is Cunnington actually playing? Saw he has 0 touches next to his name on the afl app

Thank ■■■■ there is only one more round of this. Bring on the real stuff.

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3 games is too much of this ■■■■ to be honest. No one cares anymore, fans or the teams.

I think you could get by with 1 or 2 practice matches only, then get into the real stuff. Give the players an extra 3 weeks break before xmas.

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I think the clubs want it to get miles in the player’s legs don’t they? Or maybe 2 games

The NRL started months ago. Screw this 3x round pre-season nothing series and play for points immediately. POINTS!


Yep, 1 trial game and 2 or 3 extra rounds of genuine football would be far better

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Flicked it over and Lol Richmond

Richmond are poo. #thingsthatneverchange

I’m with Ace.

If they didn’t have the pre-season competition clubs would organise their own practice matches just like they use to. In fact it wasn’t that long ago that clubs used to play independent practice matches before the pre-season cup.

At the end of the day it’s only because it’s on tv that anyone cares about it, but practice matches don’t exist for the spectacle.

Would hardly say its accessible to those who don’t have Foxtel or paid for the live pass on the AFL’s app.

It’s really just a money maker for the afl and they take a big slice of the $$ raised from the regional games so imthe amount going back into ‘local’ area is minimal.

Put it on free to air, make ALL (or at least 70%) money raised go to the grounds/club that hosted the games.

Brett Eddy looked very good for Port today, kicked 5.4 in tough conditions

FTA Tv don’t wan to cover the JLT Cup.