Ess v. Saints Post game

High press works if you have a fleet of speedy small forwards like the tigers had and the pies have. I just don’t see how it works for us.

Exactly. Our lack of pressure from the forward line is the number one factor which brings down our whole structure. When it’s easy to walk out of our forward line it is also easy to get over the forward press.

There are no quality small forwards available via FA we might have to target some contracted ones

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or use a high draft pick to get one. In saying that, I didn’t want Watson.


I think this year and next years draft should be focused on smalls imo

His improvement over the last few years has been quite amazing, and it’s been in every aspect of the game. He’s a genuine leading key forward now; he can take a contested mark, when the ball comes to ground he’s often the one who wins it, and when he gets a shot at goal he usually nails it. I nearly despaired of him many times, but he’s now one we can rely on. Saturday was a case in point. Our delivery into the forward line was, erm, less than wonderful, and conditions were very congested, but he still managed to pop up with 3 goals out of our ten. A very valuable player.


I was the same about Langford.

Hasn’t looked backed since he’s been moved forward he’s already proving this year that last season wasn’t just a one off Langford is a qaulity forward now and one of the best in the comp

Nino, come on buddy, you are better than that!

If Gresham counts as a small forward, we currently have:
Gresham, Menzie, Guelfi, Wanganeen, and the Davey twins.

If we recruit a couple more, we also need to delist some of our current crop, before we find out if they’ll make it, and increase the amount of time we need to take to see if the new ones make it.

I’d rather trade for a gun small forward, if we can talk one into joining us, otherwise, we’ll have a ton of small forwards all developing together, with no guarantee of a successful outcome, and we’d be un-balanced in other areas to do it.

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I’m ready to delist a few.


And also to wait a few years on new recruits to come good? If they do.

It just seems to me that it’s a hole we need to fill more quickly than that. Especially seeing as our current strategy is built around having the pressure to hold the ball inside 50.

I’d be happy if we’re looking at someone to fill the role in our mid-season draft.

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You don’t always have to wait a few years if you get the right player. Whether that player is available is another story.

Hawks got Rioli in 2008 - Flag
Dees got Pickett in 2021 - Flag

Both were quality high draft picks that didn’t back away from the contest from day 1. This is why the Davey boys concern me.


I don’t think Menzie is all that far off. He has one great attribute, which is that he’s a fighter: he runs, he contests, he goes for everything, he tackles. This year his goalkicking radar has been off, but in previous years he’s been one to rely on if he gets any sort of shot at goal. I would certainly someone better in there if we had anyone better; I’d replace him with Guelfi if Guelfi were available; but Guelfi isn’t available and none of the other “contenders” are anywhere near it at the moment.

Our high press was working for much of the game against St kilda.
It’s a good tactic when it’s working, but the trick is to still be able to defend transition if somehow the dam bursts and they get through.
Too many times teams get through then lead us back up the ground and their forwards then have an empty forward line and inevitably lead up or double back with ease.

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Difference between the Davey’s and the aforementioned players is that he aforementioned players were actually… Good, and rated. I think more to your point, neither of the Davey’s are the right players. The talented Davey has already done 2 ACLs and the other one has always been meh, and is soft as butter.

I don’t think any other club would have given them senior positions- they’re rookie prospects at best.

Does Menzie tackle? Without looking at the stats, I feel like his defensive pressure is quite poor in comparison to other small forwards

If we give ourselves first use of the ball, and effectively lock it inside 50 often enough, then perhaps we can afford to lose on the transition at times, and still be better off.

The game we played in the last quarter last week was total domination, and we were unlucky not to put more of a score on the board. If we can bring that more often, against more teams, the transition may not hurt us as much as most most commentators are banging on about.

Of course, it’s always nice to be able to do everything well…

I see it.