Ess vs WCE Tickets

Hi Guys,
Bit of a query about the upcoming game against WCE at Optus Stadium midyear. One of the regular attendees at my rehab clinic is an 86 year old RAAF warrant officer, served 22 years Korea/Vietnam and an absolute diehard bomber fan and gentleman. He’s a long-time member and even quotes the old days of hole-punching the windy hill home-game card for entry.

He attended committee meetings for WA bombers before they moved HQ up stairs and he could no longer attend due to his knees. He lives with his wife and has no other family over here. He mentioned he wants to attend games but seating make it near impossibe, especially on his own. I’m more than happy to take him/attend with him but was wondering if anyone knows if there is someone to talk to about helping organize appropriate seating for him.

I am of course wanting to purchase the tickets but wondering if anyone knows, with this much notice, if there’s anyway or someone at the club that can help accomodate him in some way.

I’m aware there’s probably a lot of situations or people similiar but thought I’d throw it out there. Any help of direction would be super -apologies if in wrong category.

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I’d ring the stadium mate. If he could get a wheelchair, there’s plenty of spots at Optus on ground level that cater for situations like this

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@Catherine_Lio this is so your thing :smile:


Thanks mate, yeah I’ve sent an email through as well. Was just sending out feelers as Ed Sheeran feedback re: accessibility etc was atrocious and wanted to see what options were available

Let me make some calls.

Edit: I’ll be at this game, so let’s see what we can do!


That would be fantastic, any help would be very much appreciated if it comes about - no pressure at all :blush: feel free to PM me if you need any extra information etc

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HOT CHIPS at the new stadium.



I thought the Hot Chips thread was canned years ago…

Oh, Chips!

Yeah that should have its own thread, that one would be allowed.

Wob do you know when tickets for this match will be going on sale?

I’m making the flight over for this and have been keeping an eye out for when I might be able to buy tickets.


You know that guy that made a twitter bet with Eugenie Bouchard, and won… and she went through with it??

This is more awesome than that.

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Agreed. It’s the very definition of engagement, inclusion and recognition.

Our club talks about these things a lot… Katie is a woman of action.


:smile: aww shucks! Thanks. Let’s not get too excited yet…

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Too late :wink:

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At the very least it’s such a great level of engagement and outreach to myself/ other supporters that I doubt you’d find across many other clubs. A credit to the club and @Catherine_Lio that such a line of communication with supporters exists that allows for such interaction, feedback or aid regardless of the outcome.

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It actually doesn’t exist as such. It’s only possible because of people like Paul and Katie who said they would do it and then actually did it. Everything else is just lip service.