Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Nope. Just you.

Not a coincidence at all …


The coincidences never stop coming from AFL House. And it ain’t just synchronicity.


Thanks Gil :rofl:


Collingwood looking at buying Avant gaming which is surprise, surprised currently owned by Bastion :rofl:


Talk about incestuous, even when people pretend not to like each other.


For anyone that’s interested the Oceanic Pro League starts up on 20th Jan - The Bombers first game is 21st at 5PM.

Even if you have no idea about the game watching can be quite entertaining, some of the commentators are quite good at keeping you watching.




PlayStation controllers suck


tiny hands!



Doesn’t have rolos blitz kissy lips icon. pass.




Seems right.


Incidentally, could this logo be a new logo for the club?

Maybe add a sash to it?


We don’t need a Tranformers head as a logo.





That is a pretty damn clever re-purpose of a logo (albeit with some minor amendments - e.g. check the tail versus the real thing).


Why is the S made to look like a five or is it match up with the size of the B.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, could be because I am getting ancient, I would prefer the Bombers name written another way otherwise o.k.


First match on now apparently


The Team.