Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Thought I’d give it a squiz. Got absolutely no idea whats going on!


One of the commentators was saying he’s been an Essendon member all his life. He was super excited.


Assume DJR is at the match? How are the chips?


Shows over rename to essington.


We lost? Farking Worsfold. Where was the plan B FFS. At least move the big guns^ to the front and the little guns to the back or something geeeeeeez

^ i have no idea if this game actually has guns


“Rosey” looks like a Gun. :smirk:



Needs more Asians


I watched the game with no idea what was going on, apparently AV were expected to win after we went in with subs (no idea why), AV have just come back from a training camp in Korea, and were the more experienced cohesive team, we just need more game time together apparently. Oh, and there’s lots of fluffy toys hanging around post interview and sitting on the commentators desks. No inuries to report…


To be honest, the online telecast was crystal clear.

Not to be unexpected really!

The AFL could learn a few things.


Wow, watched a bit of that.

As an expert 80’s gamer, can not for the life of me seeing this stuff take off in our country for a long - long time. Very difficult ‘spectator’ sport.

And with 1300 odd viewers, I really hope we haven’t sunk too much into this ‘venture’. It seems we have brought something to the table in relation to publicity and, as I read, professionalism and ‘off pc’ type stuff. Not sure on the metrics they have used for this to bring something the other way, but it is yonks off.

Call me old fashioned, but I dunno about this.


I’d agree if this was 5-10 years ago. But Generation Z are so incredibly random, this ‘sport’ could explode within 6-12 months. Yes, that quickly.

It takes one pro-gamer to become a world-wide online celebrity and this will be the biggest ‘sport’ in the world, Or some crazy meme, or something that gets the attention of Gen Z.

Gen Z are incredibly different to the Gen Y, as they are always looking for content online which is entertaining to them.


Telstra and their ■■■■■■ 300x300 pixel AFL live broadcast says for you to SHUT UP


My votes:

  1. Artaphernes

  2. Rosey

  3. Chuchuz


Apparently 2 of our guys weren’t able to make it to the game due to being grounded by their Mums for not tidying their room yesterday.


Got smashed in the mid lane, not sure why we keep recruiting junglers and expect to turn them into mid-laners.


Can Francis break into the starting five next week?


Is there a changes post for next round? Or do we have to wait for the VFL to play first?


It’s only difficult if you don’t understand it.

And to be clear, I don’t understand MOBAs so I have 0 interest.

But it’s no different to AFL or any other sport. Hard to be interested when you have no idea what’s going on.


Sport?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: