Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Here we go.


I think at this stage of the thread, it’s appropriate that I post this.



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The problem with LoL is that there is such a wide breadth of information that his hidden from the spectator. So many different characters with completely different moves that work in completely different ways that is only represented as slightly different colourful flashes on screen. So it’s hard to know what’s going on or more importantly to see the skill at play unless you’ve played the game yourself. It’s much easier to see the skill behind a torp from 60 out than a 30 second fight in LoL.


understand that things can go viral, and things change.

But can you give an example of something similar that remains popular for something like this to become a profitable exercise for an AFL club to be invested in?


I admit Im not a modern gamer - but I fully understand the concept and I stick by what I said - I can not for the life of me see Aussies getting behind a strategy game, outside of niche pockets.

Nothing like AFL, or other sports at all.

But, like professional sports - there have been a million ‘fastest’ growing sports. Soccer was supposed to take off here - The UFC blew up overseas - but it meant nothing for here. No local league of note has ever sprung up.

Why? The access to the best in the world is there for everyone. People will watch the UFC directly, just as they watch the premier league and not A-league etc. All of this football, netball etc investment from AFL clubs has been a disaster and will continue to be so.

The best egamers will be lured to wherever it is they get huge dollars in China etc. We just dont have the market.

In fact, outside of those outrageous pokies which rely on addiction - which non-core investments have ever worked out for AFL clubs?

Heck, Collingwood couldnt get a couple of pubs to work for em!

AFL clubs are football clubs, not commercial businesses and should act as them.

Our priority focus should be the sport of AFL, nothing more nothing less.






I also live in the 60s


A news report on our team.


Big win by Essendon on the weekend. Now if only the footballers can do the same.

Essendon’s historic OPL win

Essendon’s esports team scored an historic victory on Sunday, the club’s first in its exciting journey into the gaming world.

The Bombers beat Tectonic two-nil in the Oceanic Pro League and team manager Nathan Mathews-Mallia said it was great for the side to relieve some pressure after a winless start to the season.

“I think it’s going to be a massive confidence boost for the guys, because if you’re not winning it definitely hurts the mentality,” Mathews Mallia said.

“It’s just great to get the monkey off our back and I’m sure we can get some more results on the board.”

After recruiting two overseas players to join the side, Mathews-Mallia said the duo had been placed under unfairly high expectations.

“The two guys that came over were scrutinised for everything they did,” he said.

“There is an expectation of them to dominate the scene, which they are very capable of doing, but performing on a stage brings a lot of nerves.”

The manager said he expected the Bombers to earn the deserved victory on Sunday, but admitted that the win was “more of a relief than an excitement”.

“It would have been a big disappointment if we didn’t take away the win,” Mathews-Mallia said.

“A number of times we’ve had a better team on paper, but we weren’t able to translate that on the main stage.”

After enduring some tough luck to start the season, Mathews-Mallia said there is “no doubt” that the team can win again.

“We had a bad run from the start with two suspended players, and then we had to play the top two teams three weeks in a row,” he said.

“Throughout the last six weeks we have seen improvement week to week, so we will look to finish off the season as well as we can.”

Mathews-Mallia said the side had been relishing the opportunity to be a part of the Essendon family.

“There’s a lot more media scrutiny, but the guys are absolutely loving it,” he said.

“Having access to the training facilities has been a massive advantage for us.

“One of our players is a born and bred Essendon fan, so it’s just been a dream come true for him.”


Better than the footy team already…


Fark Tectonic


< clicks link to see if Doe is extracting the urine >

All the quotes may as well have been regarding the footy team, so generic.

Yay us.


ha - it’s amazing how it reads just like a footy article. Just needed something about managing their loads.


“It was great get the win and come away with the four points”.


Felt bad that the commentators were taking the micky out of them.


Essendon hung them out to dry.


Looks like they’ve been hitting the weights, for sure.


Did BT call them nerds at one point? I was trying to tune him/them out and focus on the game, but I chuckled when I thought I heard him say that.