Essendon + Abyss = esports!



Yep, just watched the replay:

“There are some reeeeal nerds in amongst them…”

Haha, commentate the game you ■■■■.


Cringe worthy. But maybe not that bad. Lots of non EFC-tragic TV viewers now know that EFC has an e-sports team. Gamer Geeks not gonna care what BT says.


It was all fine. Good to see them at the game enjoying themselves.

They will also learn something from the interview experience I reckon.

BT was just proving his ignorance. And I must admit, I laughed.


Only thing they would’ve learned from that interview is how much of a muppet BT is.

Really seemed like he was basically just bullying some kids on national tv.


They need to get some interview coaching from Mark Harvey.


So guess the question for Poon is…are there any other LOL gamers on these boards? because I foresee this team getting big runs in the off season.


I see they won their first game yesterday/overnight? Get around em!


for those interested in following the next split


only just got around to watching the games myself but the bombers opl team took their first series victory of the split over avant. nice 2-0 to build momentum into the set against order on friday with a win seeing us move into the top 5.


Anyone here wayching each round? I have and can say they have improved so so much. Finals baby! Forget the non finals afl team… :wink:


I have no understanding of how it works or anything. But I’m guessing the more success & exposure… the more financially self-reliant it becomes.

If we can get into the Continental competition, the advertising revenue increases.


Definitely. I play it daily and have a lot of bombers matesthat do too but arnt on here. I would love to see it grow and build up the teenage network to help griw the dons brand


havent watched the set against mammoth yet, will do this afternoon. not really a league of legends fan but have played moba’s so know the basics.


Gauntlet this weekend for the esports boys. Be a ripper run if they can get through to the final against Dire Wolves.



Five people, is that an entire team? Do we still have an esports team or just as esports name lol.




I’m assuming they got real full time jobs😂


They probably earn more than the majority of the people on this forum tbh.