Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Like Goddard and a bowl of pretzels.


The Esports boys got a bigger c u later article than a lot of our footballers.


In summary: two of them came here from overseas to play with the team, they are fantastic players and people, we are sacking all of them.


It was really odd reading that.

Each person was amazing, grown so much, so proud. But your fired.

Strange to sack the whole team. Wonder what their plan is.


Reckon I’d prefer “you’ve got a lot to improve, fix your attitude, see you here next year”


They probably refused to clean up their bedrooms.


I heard we’re just moving them to the rookie list.


Finish you Gank and fark off.


I wonder if one has decided to move on and the rest don’t want to play without them. Like when a band break up.


They probably got sick of this every time they turned up at the Hangar.


I never received one email from the club about the eSports team, how I could watch them or even follow their results.

I think this needs to be improved.

Club instead will send me emails about 10% off hiring hospitality equipment.


Seriously, I must be in the wrong demographic because I couldn’t care less about this venture.
Close it down and save on electricity. Do I sound like I’m out of touch?



We have solar panels so digitally kill as many monsters n things as possible.


Are we gonna use the eSports team as a loop hole way of recruiting AFL talent from ‘non-traditional’ pathways?


Welcome to EFC E-Sports, BJ Goddard and Cyril Rioli.


Given the lengths they go to in order to to work scandal and/or drugs saga references into any vaguely Essendon-related article, is anyone in the remotest bit surprised to see this made the Herald Scum website?

Does anyone think it would have done so, were it any other club/Nerd Sports team?

If most EFC fans are struggling to give even the slightest of flying farks about it, I can’t imagine why anyone else would?


Heard this on triple m news…Laughed out loud


What is the name of that sponsor above the emblem, and how did it get past the filter?


Premix King?