Essendon + Abyss = esports!


After a big fish, will use our war chest. Welcome to the team Zac Clarke


They all left ages why is this news now?





Are we spending more time and money on this or has the club conceded whilst it was a good idea in theory, it was a horrible idea in reality?


The club just ran an esports seminar, so I can’t imagine they won’t continue on


I still haven’t recovered from Bushybooboo leaving just before my birthday.


Yep, I attended the seminar, so really surprising considering they had some of the players there and were talking of their plans going forward etc.


I watched every game. Im a LOL player and cop a lot of crap for it. They genuinely got better as year went on. Wish theyd tell us what the plan is…

I presume they are actually going to go all out and get high level koreans because all of a sudden the asian market watches


Zero interest in a gimmick esports team. Stick to real sport imo.


Get any vibe from the club of their intentions?


No need to bash others interests. Got to stay ahead of the game and vest into other interests.
Unless you want pokies to forever be the reason we can buy things like the Hangar


Agree with your last point, I just hope in the future we don’t see video gaming in the same light as we see pokies today


I mean its an escape for me and most. Hang out with mates overseas and interstate while plsying etc.
Games are all free too, so wont have that issue


mobile games are the pokies of the gaming industry. all the parents letting their kids play on phones/ipads/tablets/etc is a ticking time bomb for massive play store/ itunes bill.


Why is it a prerequisite to have a neck beard?


Don’t know a lot about them but I’d seriously doubt the club isn’t going ahead with it. Seems that just like the footballers they underachieved but unlike the football department the players paid the price


I wouldn’t read too much into it tbh, its a ruthless industry, much more so than AFL.

in 2016 the world champ favourites announced they’d be disbanding after the world championship.


Because they’re tough gadget type operators.


This is not mobile games. The games they are playing take an insane amount of brains and reaction time along with finger skills (go on bag what i just said).
Theze machines they are playong on are worth thousands of dollars and the ignorance shown by “sports” fanatics is ridiculous.
Afl is my favourite sport but esports is followed by almost 500 millions worldwide. Espn have it well ahead of the unknown afl. But live in the bubble lads


I don’t get the hate. It gets our brand out there in front of millions of eyeballs. The club would know of they’re getting a suitable ROI and I trust them to do the right thing. It’s bogans like BT who make fun of it, total 1980s attitude.