Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Looks like WoW… my kids were pretty into that when they were younger.


Was just thinking the same thing… An ex-housemate of mine nearly lost his job because he was so addicted to WOW that he stopped turning up to work.


So to play devils advocate we are moving our revenue streams from one form of addictive behaviour to another.




All I want now is BT shoutcasting LoL.

Do they call it shoutcasting in LoL? I’m out of touch.


We are investing a small amount of money (yes) into a growing professional esports team with huge upside for our brand, sponsorship, membership and commercial opportunities.


It’s not pinball but think reflexes, the gamers are the players who have to react to umpteen different dynamics on the screen and to anticipate/ have strategies what may come next ( as our players do in playbook) ) . I saw a show which suggested that gamers under 25 have top reflexes after that it deteriorates No hope for me to get drafted


For context, Dan Gilbert - owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA - has recently invested millions into an esports company called 100 Thieves. They’ll compete in the North American equivalent competition of LoL. Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors also have stakes in teams competing.

Many football clubs like PSG, Roma, and the City group (including Melbourne City) have signed elite FIFA players to represent them.

It’s a great move by the club to get involved in esports in this early stage. I don’t personally watch LoL, but watch a number of other games on stream, esports or not.


Once games moved beyond one joystick and one fire button that was me done!
Even HyperOlympics (with its two buttons which were best straddled with a cigarette lighter) and 1942 (with its separate fire button and roll button) were a challenge back in the day…


I own a PS4. I struggle with the controller. I just stick to the Nintendo.


Change that to 19.


Unless we are suddenly about to out woosh as a masters level star craft player on day9 tv I’m not interested.

But I guess this isn’t about me.


Woosh would play Terran


So you’re saying we’ve made a huge mistake?


Good thing we have that flag so we can focus on stuff like this


Mark cuban is hugely into it.


True, should pull all revenue raising streams from our focus and just go for footy.


His bio is pretty strong I hear but his transition to late game is poor and he gets caught with his army out of position too often. Until recently he favoured a marauder heavy composition but is looking to add more marines and medivacs to improve overall mobility. Got devestated by mass ultras in the gsl final last year which came as a shock because he expected his marauders to handle it better than they did.


I vaguely remember some West Coast player said he was tossing up between a career in footy v a professional league of legends career. WSPHU


the Tippa highlights are better