Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Had a 10/10 surname.


100% agree.

For balance.


@Darli - closet SC2 player? :grinning:


Does it include AFL Evolution?


Our team only plays League Of Legends at this stage. Not sure there is a competition based around AFL Revolution TBH - It’s international games.


Was a wee bit tongue in cheek, but thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When are we getting a farnarkling team?


“We have secured the licence of top tier eSports team, Abyss, and will relocate the team to Melbourne.”

Hi Katie - can you briefly explain how this works logistically for the club? I’m curious to understand about it.

Does that mean there are actual people moving to Melbourne?

If so how many? I presume they need to move so the fans can actually see them and meet them.

And finally, does Essendon have the bandwidth to do this or will our first match be… ".buffering " com-resize-4 ?


Save the AWP


■■■■■■■ ridiculous


Ha! Great questions…

We are moving the actual people down to Melbourne. I believe there are currently 4 players and their coach - though I believe they are currently looking for a 5th player - don’t hold me to those numbers!

I believe the team will live in the city and train in or near Docklands - they most certainly do need wired in NBN… They will also do training out at Tullamarine I believe.

Lots of logistical stuff to still sort out, including branding - but all will come in good time ready for their 2018 season.


Thank you. That’s very interesting.


PUBG and Essendon.

Yes please


There’s a “Player Unknown” north melbourne joke here somewhere.


So will they broadcast on Twitch @Catherine_Lio?


I hope so!


Are the revenue streams just from prizemoney or are there other streams ?


They’re relocating to Tulla?

Nerds: Welcome to Essendon


I was pretty good at Super Mario Kart back in the day, so I’m happy to be the 5th. You’re welcome


I’m not bad at guitar hero…